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Empowering The Pro-Israel Community With Legal Resources
The StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department empowers the pro-Israel community by providing students, professors and community activists with the legal resources and education necessary to stand up for Israel confidently and independently. StandWithUs legal staff provides this unique resource through the help of pro bono lawyers and community partnerships. Free legal help is available in the United States, Canada, the U.K., and Israel. When in Doubt, Reach Out!
What We Offer College Campuses and High Schools
  • Know Your Rights – A print and digital booklet informing students of their rights on campuses. A multimedia “Know Your Rights” presentation is also available. This booklet is available in various editions specific to the legal landscape in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.
  • Legal Help – Attorneys from our pro bono network are available to provide on-the-ground support for students, faculty, and community members facing anti-Israel extremism or anti-Semitism. Click here to fill out an intake form.
  • UniWatch – We review and analyze university policies, student government documents, and state and local laws to educate campus communities and help enforce the rules of their universities.
  • Anti-Disruption Strategy – We research state law and university policy and formulate strategy to prevent disruptions of pro-Israel events and to pursue justice against disruptors.
  • Fact Sheets – We create and distribute fact sheets to educate on legal topics, including academic freedom and preventing disruptions of public pro-Israel events.
Providing Lawyers with Pro Bono Opportunities
Our growing pro bono legal team of over 150 attorneys enables lawyers to volunteer by region and within their areas of legal specialization to defend Israel and empower the pro-Israel community. Areas of law routinely utilized include First Amendment, intellectual property, defamation, civil rights, corporate, trusts and estates, etc. If you are a lawyer interested in joining this effort, contact [email protected]
Legal Workshops and CLE Courses
We offer numerous multimedia presentations to educate the community about available legal tools and strategies to counter anti-Israel extremism, including:
  • “The Legal Landscape of Pro-Israel Activity”
  • “Know Your Rights for Students”
  • “Legal Background to BDS”
StandWithUs J.D. Fellowship
The StandWithUs J.D. Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for Los Angeles-based law students. Select law students learn how to stand up for Israel using legal tools. The Fellowship combines legal workshops, a mission to Israel, Fellowship projects, and networking receptions. By connecting with Israel through the legal community, law students become empowered legal advocates for Israel and the Jewish community. For more information or to apply, contact [email protected].

This Fellowship is supported by a generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.
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