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The Story behind an Investigative Journalist's Scoops
October 19, 2015

Award-winning Investigative Journalist Edwin Black in an exclusive StandWithUs Israel Education Center event on October 12, 2015
Edwin Black, a New York Times best-selling Author and award-winning investigative Journalist gave the audience in the StandWithUs Israel Education Center's event an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into his groundbreaking scoops

On October 12, 2015 New York Times best-selling Author and award-winning Investigative Journalist Edwin Black was a keynote speaker in a unique event in the StandWithUs Israel Education Center Jerusalem. 
The evening opened with an introduction by the Jerusalem Post's Editor-in-Chief Steve Linde. 
Edwin Black captivated the audience with exclusive insights into his world-renowned investigative stories. This included some behind-the-scenes stories: his interview with Jonathan Pollard in prison, investigating the connection between IBM and the Holocaust, his interview with vehemently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic leader of 'Nation of Islam' Louis Farrakhan, the campaign to get the UN to recognize the Farhud massacre against the Jews in Iraq, who collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust and more.
Black opened the floor to questions and the audience asked for his thoughts regarding the situation in Israel and current events. A trailer of his newest book, “Financing the Flames” was shown, describing how instead of promoting peace — a variety of taxpayer-subsidized organizations (including some Jewish ones) have funded a culture where peace does not pay for Palestinian leaders, but warfare and confrontation do. 
Despite rising tensions in Jerusalem, with four terror attacks carried out in Jerusalem alone on the day of the event, the audience that arrived quickly filled the room to capacity. Black was referred to by one riveted audience a “Champion of the Truth”. 
With 1.4 million books in print, Black exposes some of the most crucial issues to Israel, the Jewish world and the international world as a whole. During his talk, Black referred to his many collaborations with StandWithUs and emphasized the importance of the organization's work: “StandWithUs is at the apex of all the organizations worldwide doing Israel Advocacy — and is not afraid to tell the truth as it is”.

Introduction by Jerusalem Post's Editor-in-Chief Steve Linde

New York Times best-selling Author and award-winning Investigative Journalist Edwin Black

Black captivated the audience with exclusive insights into his world-renowned investigative stories

Despite rising tensions in Jerusalem, the audience that arrived filled the room to capacity

Black produced some of the evidence uncovered for his stories for the audience to review 

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