Thank You!
2019 Chicago Campus Champions


Hochberg Family Foundation

David N. Jonas and Family

Claudette Rickett and Ted Schwartz



Janice and Steve Hefter



Paula Douer

Barbara and Richard Silverman

Lori Komisar and Morris Silverman

The Nathan and Esther K. Wagner Family Foundation



Irving M. and Sylvia Footlik Foundation

Marci Hemmelstein

Dr. Michael Maling – Crain-Maling Foundation

Regan Rohde and Philip Friedmann

Zahava Wein



*Cathy Horwitz and Mark Campbell

Diane and Andy Lappin



Naomi Ben Attar Yablong and Larry Yablong

The Caslow Foundation

Janet and Gadi Cohen

Rita and Dr. Salomon Dayan

*Paula Douer and Harry Tchira

*Patti and Mike Frazin

Abby and Ed Lasky

Sonia Marschak

Dr. Sheri Ross and Charles Glick

Susan and Marc Sacks

Beverly Sandler

Terri and Howard Schneider

Susan Wagner and Michael Lippitz

Sherrie and Al Weiss



Jacki and Bruce Barron

Cagan Management Group

Kathy and Steve Feiger

HLM Capital

Todd Sanders

Peggy Shapiro and Ron Satenstein

Denise and Dr. Stuart Sprague

Linda Wagner-Weiner

Sally and Dr. Michael Wasserman



Leila Green and Denny Anderson

Robin and Chuck Kafenshtok

David Katz

Judy and Richard Katz

Kate and Abe Katz

*Rabbi Karyn and Ezra Kedar

Naomi and Jack Korol

Barry Levin

Alison and Alan Molotsky

Ellen and David Muslin

Cheryl and Dr. Allen Rosenbaum

Rachel and Michael Sapinsley

Beverly and Ira Schulman

Eugene Shepp

Laura and Lee Shulman



Ellen and Dennis Slan

Lee and Gerald Zoldan

Deborah and Dr. Jon Barker

Jo Ann and Richard Beck

Nancy and Richard Becker

Marcia and Alan Cahn

*Daniel Cohan

Renee and Jim Cohen

Susan and Rich Eggener

Beth and Dr. Ira Fenton

Nancy and Maury Fertig

Penny Fields

*Ronna and David Friedman

*Cantor Jennifer Frost and Rabbi Richard Prass

Galit and David Gottlieb

Marilyn and Harry Hefter

*Teri, Todd and Hillary Heyden

*Janet and Brian Hoffman

Dalya and Mike Horowitz

*Suzie and Mark Lampert

Dawn and Steve Lavin

Marcia and Eli Lawrence

Linda and Rabbi Norman Lewison

Seymour Lipton

*Karyn Liss

*Ilana Lugassy and Jake Dayan

Hackberry Endowment Partners - Malkin Family

Melissa and Allan Malmed

Susanna McNeil

Carole and Michael Mostow

Cathy and Stuart Pockross

James Pollack

Irene and Shelly Reitmen

Sally and Richard Schulman

Jeri and Roger Smith

Karen and Roy Splansky

*Elizabeth and Brian Tenner

Jill and David Tobias

Dorothy and Burton Weinberg

Jill and Bruce Weininger

Debbie and Adam Winick

Diane and Robert Witt

Emily and Dr. Stephen Zivin



Chana Anderson

Barbara and Dr. Richard Benkin

*Ilana and Ian Boiskin

Pam Brill and Michael Shalen

Marvin Brustin 

Carol and Steven Burton

Nina and Stuart Cunningham

*Dr. Erica Dayan and Richard Aronwald

Donna and Fred Entin

Sig Feiger

*Linda and Steve Feinstein

Ethel Fenig

*Kim Frankel

Helen Gebler and Chuck Walcer 

*Douglas Giebel

Vera Ginburg and Donald L'Amoureux

Caroline Glasser and Dan Bleier

Beth and Chuck Goldberg

Maxine and David Goldenberg

Sharon and Joel Greenburg

Janet and Maynard Grossman

Fern and Craig Hahn

Helene and Dr. Burt Herbstman

Deanna and Mark Jacobson

Lisa and Ed Kaplan

Julie and Gary Katz

Deborah and Jon Klinghoffer

*Steven Korol

Joan Krimstein

Andrea and Ben Leshem

Daniel Levin
*Marc Levin
Cindy and David Levitt
Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein
Sandra and Martin Lieberman

Martha and Steve Lowenthal
Jennifer and Charlie Margolis
*Rita and Sidney Mathias
*Rabbi Aaron Melman
Cindy Pearson and Marty Shandles
Helen and Alex Pinsky
Lora and Otto Placik
Ira Post
Lois and Ron Reif
*Teri and Jared Robins
Julie and Robert Samson
Dr. Kimberly Schaefer and Adam Fleischer
Leslie and Jack Shankman
Allen Shechtman
Beth and Dan Sher
Helen and Hillel Singer
Mara and Brent Smith
*Joan and Alan Sohn
*Renee and Mark Stern
Robin and Daniel Stern
*Irene and Barry Sufrin
Marcy and David Sugar

*Alicia Sullivan and Michael Baumstein
Wendy Wagner and Eugene Rindner
Analee and Joel Weisman
Debbie and David Well
Tammy and Bruce Werner
*Gary Wigoda
Sari and Mark Winick
Joan Winter and Michael Levitt
Robin and Cliff Wolf
Laura and Stephen Zaacks



*New Campus Champions