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StandWithUs High School Internship

Started in 2012, the StandWithUs High School Internship Program is a high school leadership program that prepares students for the challenges they may face regarding Israel in college and in their communities. Students participate in a year long program that includes two national conferences, ongoing educational online workshops, and they receive guidance and funding to run programming in their high schools and youth groups. Students are encouraged to participate in positive campaigns that inspire their peers and educate people about Israel.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared to comfortably take the reins of leadership the moment they start college and they will be automatically part of the StandWithUs alumni network. The alumni network will keep the students on track to continue their Israel advocacy efforts, provide them with new and exciting opportunities for advanced Israel advocacy, and funnel them into our college-level Israel advocacy program upon their entrance into college. Students will continue to receive support from StandWithUs throughout their college career and beyond. For more information, please e mail [email protected]

If you would like to find out when to apply for the High School Internship, please e mail [email protected]

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The innovative Israeli Soldiers Tours program features two Israel Defense Forces (IDF) res...
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T: 212-514-9200 ext. 3
E: [email protected]

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If you would like to be a partner in growing our numbers of High School Interns, we have naming opportunities available. Please contact Gary Ratner at; [email protected], or call us at 310-836-6140 ext 101.

The application period for the 2019-2020 StandWithUs High School Internship Program is now OPEN!

For more information about how to get involved or the internship program, please email [email protected] Please include the following in your email:

  1. Your name
  2. Your age
  3. Your grade
  4. Where you go to school
  5. What city you live in
We'll then be able to connect you with the StandWithUs High School staff in your region.

Don't forget to LIKE StandWithUs High School on facebook:

Here's our latest video about the StandWithUs High School Internship program:

Eligibility to Apply for the StandWithUs High School Internship:

  • Must be a rising junior or senior in high school
  • Highly recommended that you have been to Israel before
  • Must have already demonstrated your passion and leadership for Israel
  • Must be articulate and respected by your peers
  • Must be recommended by a teacher, mentor, community leader...etc.

StandWithUs High School Internship Requirements:

  • Coordinating at least 4 Israel programs throughout the year.
  • Attending monthly online educational sessions with your fellow-interns
  • Attending two mandatory conferences in Los Angeles (all expenses paid) - one before school starts and one during 2nd semester.
  • Starting a pro-Israel club at your school if none exist, or be active in and reinvigorate an already existing pro-Israel club.
  • Recruiting StandWithUs High School Interns for the next year's internship.

Current interns:

On this page, you will find all the information you need to plan, implement, and report about your events.

Before Your Event Begins

Please contact your high school program coordinator to discuss the content of the program.

CONTENT: Does your high school program coordinator need to book a flight to come and make a presentation? Are you making the presentation? What will the program look like? What is your timeline to prepare for the event? These are all questions you should discuss with you high school program coordinator before the program date.

MONEY: If you need funding for your program, please speak with your high school program coordinator about submitting a grant request. We cannot retroactively approve grant requests, so make sure you have approval before you buy materials. Please also look into finding outside sources of funding (such as your synagogue, local federation, or JCC). Your high school program coordinator can help you explore this possibility.

MATERIALS: If you need StandWithUs booklets or swag for your program, please give us AT LEAST two weeks’ notice so that we can ship you materials without having to rush the order. Any shipments with less than two weeks’ notice may result in our charging the institution hosting the program for expedited shipping.

MARKETING: Create a flyer or a Facebook event. Get the word out there. Always send your high school program coordinator the link to your Facebook event or the flyer.

During Your Program

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Always introduce yourself at the beginning of any event you plan as a StandWithUs High School Intern. Remember: you are a StandWithUs representative in your community!

PHOTOS: Please take AT LEAST four good pictures of the program. Action shots are great. Tell the story of what is happening at the event. We do not need photos of StandWithUs materials on tables. Don't be afraid to stage a photo if necessary. If your event is during Shabbat and you cannot take pictures, please let your high school program coordinator know in advance so that we know not to expect photos from you.

SIGN-IN SHEETS: It is useful to have sign-in sheets to keep track of who attended your event so that you can report about numbers and can invite past attendees to future events.

After Your Program

REPORTING: You have one week to fill out a program report to evaluate your program. Please note, if we do not receive a program report from you, we cannot reimburse you for any funding for the program.

PICTURES: Please send at least four GOOD photos to your high school program coordinator. Please note, if we do not receive photos from you, we cannot reimburse you for any program funding.

INVOICES: If you need money for the program, you must find an outside organization to front the money, and StandWithUs will reimburse it pending receipt of your photos, pictures, and flyer from the event. We will need an invoice from the organization that fronted the money. Please note, we cannot reimburse individuals.

If you have any questions, contact your high school program coordinators. They would love to help you!

StandWithUs High School Internship
Program Requirements

As part of the internship requirements, StandWithUs High School Interns are required to fulfill the following:

-        Attend the Fall StandWithUs High School Internship training seminar during August 4 -8, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA.

-        Attend the StandWithUs International Conference in Los Angeles, Spring Semester 2020  TBD

-        Work on fostering a group of students dedicated to promoting Israel in your high school or in your community. (Or work within an existing group at your high school to do the same)

-        Organize and run at least 4 Israel educational events (see details below).

-        Participate in monthly mentorship sessions with other teens in the region (see details below).

-        Optional: take part in a national campaign to further Israel education to your peers (see details below).

StandWithUs High School Interns are required to run at least 4 events throughout the year:

-        All programs should strive to be coalition-building events with diverse groups of students.

o   Program ideas include but are not limited to:

§  A film screening.

§  A presentation series aimed at educating your peers about Israel.

§  A social event highlighting Israeli culture.

§  A community Israel celebration.

§  Bringing a special speaker to your peers.

-        Interns are required to submit comprehensive reporting to their respective High School Coordinator 1 week after the scheduled event. This includes:

o   At least 4 photos of participants engaged in the program.

o   A short written report about the event and the impact the event had.

o   All invoicing and receipts for the event as appropriate and preapproved.

StandWithUs High School Interns are required to participate in monthly mentorship sessions:

-        Once every month, teens will meet online (by region), to participate in an educational session about Israel.

-        Sessions will be taught by the teens’ respective High School Coordinator.

-        Teens will continue to learn about Israel, its history, its culture, about the conflict, strategizing for the future, and special advocacy techniques.

-        Sessions will usually be around 1 hour long.

StandWithUs High School Interns can choose to participate in an Israel-related campaign throughout the year:

-        Interns will work with other students around the country to implement a campaign aimed at educating other teens and community members about Israel.

-        Students interested in participating will work closely with their respective High School Coordinator for mentorship and guidance throughout the year.

-        Participating students will present their successes at the spring conference at the end of the internship.  

Evaluations and Recruitment Requirements:

-        Evaluations:

o   StandWithUs High School Interns will be evaluated throughout the year based on the following criteria:

§  Impact and quality of the campaign and programs run throughout the year

§  Creativity

§  Media exposure

§  Leadership skills

§  Handling of anti-Israel situations in your community (when applicable).

§  Peer recommendations

§  Communication and your responsiveness with StandWithUs high school staff

§  Fulfilling all event and reporting requirements

o   Exemplary StandWithUs High School Interns will receive:

§  Priority access to StandWithUs speakers, grants, and materials

§  A chance to win a $500 stipend towards your next trip to Israel

-        Recruitment:

o   StandWithUs High School Interns are recommended recruit a replacement at the end of the year

§  Ideally you should find 2-3 applicants in your high school or community for next year’s StandWithUs High School Internship


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be Jewish to participate in the StandWithUs High School Internship program?

A: No, you do not. You must have demonstrated your leadership and passion for Israel in your community, but by being nominated, you have been recognized by someone in your community as a leader, so you probably don’t need to worry about this.


Q: Do I need to have been to Israel to participate in the StandWithUs High School Internship program?

A: While a trip to Israel is always a fantastic way to be a primary source about Israel and to be able to see the realities on the ground, it is not a requirement of the internship.


Q: On average, how many hours a week will I need to dedicate to the internship?

A: On average, you should probably set aside two hours a week for the internship. There may be a week where you are planning on running a program and you will need to designate more time to prepare for the program (with your High School Coordinator’s help) and there may be a week where you have very little going on and you will spend less time.


Q: Can I balance this internship with a demanding course load at school?

A: This is entirely up to you and how well you can manage your time. If you are incredibly committed to the internship and getting everything out of it that you possibly can, you will have to put in some time (see above question). That being said, you are a student FIRST and an Israel advocate SECOND. You must make sure that you remain a good student and keep your grades up. Should your grades begin to slip due to the internship, it will result in a meeting with you and your parents to discuss if the internship is really a good idea.


Q: What can I expect to learn at the fall conference?

A: You will receive all the tools you need to go back to your community and educate your peers about Israel at the fall conference. Sessions will include: why are you here and what made you passionate about Israel?, introduction to Israel on campus, advocacy techniques and skills, Israeli innovations and gifts to the world, Israel beyond the conflict, how to plan and implement a successful program…etc. By the end of the fall conference you will feel confident in your ability to go home and teach your friends about Israel and how to advocate for Israel.


Q: What can I expect to learn from the 2nd conference?

A: You will learn how to take what you learned throughout the school-year and apply it to your future college campus (seniors) or how you can continue to stay involved in the coming school year (juniors). You will hear from world-renown Israel advocates and experts in invigorating sessions. You will celebrate the completion of a successful year with your fellow StandWithUs High School Interns and you will be given a chance to share your successes.


Q: Are the conferences Kosher/Shomer Shabbat friendly?

A: All StandWithUs conferences are ALWAYS 100% Glatt kosher and 100% Shomer Shabbat. While students are not expected to keep Shabbat during their free time at the conferences, we ask that everyone respect the public places and keep Shabbat while outside of the bunks/in common areas.


Q: Are the conferences mandatory?

A: Yes, both the fall and the spring conferences are mandatory and must be attended. We do make certain exceptions in extenuating circumstances, but recommend that in order to get the most out of the internship program, you attend as much of both of the conferences as possible. If you have specific questions about your conflict, speak to your StandWithUs High School Coordinator or e mail [email protected].


Q: I went to a private Jewish Day School/Hebrew School, and I already learned a lot about Israel and Israel advocacy, will I learn more and gain more real-life experience from the StandWithUs High School Internship?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We admire that you have taken the time to develop your Israel education at your school or even on your own time, and we look forward to working with you to make sure that you continue to learn throughout the internship. If ever you do not feel challenged, let us know, and we will be sure to work with you to ensure that you get the most out of the internship.


Q: I go to a private Christian school, will I have the support needed in order to complete all of my internship requirements?

A: ABSOLUTELY! StandWithUs staff will work with you to ensure that you can be successful in the internship program and complete all of the requirements. That being said, it is always helpful if you have a teacher or adviser in your high school who can support you on the ground. Your StandWithUs High School Coordinator is happy to help you find a teacher or adviser at your high school so that you can set yourself up for success!


Q: I’m president of my youth group and I think that I would prefer to implement Israel programming for teens in the youth group than for my classmates, is this OK?

A: Absolutely, though we would like to work with you to make sure that as many teens are receiving the information we have provided to you. While you chose what social or academic setting you would like to execute programs for, we highly recommend that you chose as many settings as possible. This way your passion for Israel and Israel advocacy will go that much farther!


Q: I go to a public school. We do not have a Jewish club or an Israel club and I’m afraid that if I start one, I might not be so successful. What can I do?

A: We work with every student to make sure that their Israel programming fits the schools’ climate. There are ways of starting an Israel club at public schools where there are few Jews if you can find a couple of friends who support the cause – Jews or non-Jewish. If not, we have had students start Peace in the Middle East clubs where the underlying agenda is Israel education within the framework of the Middle East. You will work closely with your High School Coordinator to determine what works best.


Q: What if an anti-Israel incident happens in my school or in my community?

A: StandWithUs sometimes acts as an Israel 911 and we are able to get our students materials/education/support with a fast turnover rate should something like this occur. Not to worry, we treat each case with caution and determine the best course of action along with the student.


Q: What is a campaign?

A: A campaign is a series of programs or actions put together to achieve a common goal. In the framework of the StandWithUs High School Internship Program, a campaign is a project that will span the entire school-year to teach others about Israel.


Q: Whom should my events target?

A: Everyone and anyone. You can plan and execute events for your classmates, your youth group, your friends outside of school, a club you are part of, a random group of people that you feel would really benefit from the program, Jews and non-Jews alike. You chose the academic or social setting for the programs, and you work closely with your High School Coordinator to work out the details.  


Q: How long does the internship last?

A: The internship begins in August at the fall training conference and spans the entire school year until the beginning of June.

Q: Can I write this on my resume for college?
A: Absolutely! This internship is a perfect way to show colleges that when you have a passion for something (Israel), you act on it, and do everything in your power to ensure that your passion has turned into an action. If need be, you may contact your High School Coordinator for a letter of recommendation as well. 

Q: Can I get community service hours or volunteer credits for the internship for my school?
A: We are happy to work with your school and with your teachers to make sure that you can count this internship as community service hours or volunteer credits. Please be in touch with your High School Coordinator to work out the details.

Q: What is the cost associated with participation in the internship?
A: The internship is 100% free! We pay for all your flights/conference fees. In addition, we provide you with the materials/support/funding in order to plan and implement successful Israel programs for your friends and peers. You and your parents should not have to spend a dime in order for you to participate in the internship.

Q: If I am not accepted into the internship program, can I still be involved?
A: Of course! StandWithUs is here to support ALL students who want to stand up and advocate for Israel. We are happy to help you plan Israel programs for your friends, start an Israel club at your school, provide you with mentorship and materials for your programs, and connect you with other pro-Israel students in your region. We’d be happy to keep you involved in whatever way you would like! We’ll send you more information about our Teen Leadership Council program to start!

Q: What are the chances that I’ll get accepted into the program?
A: It is hard to answer this question, but we can tell you that this program is highly selective. In addition, it depends on where you live, what school you go to and how many students apply for the internship from your school, and the quality of your application. Last year, we received close to 600 nominations for the program and accepted 91 students. So, work hard on your application and it will go a long way!

Q: Do I need to have my references send letters of recommendation with my application?
A: Let your references know that they may be contacted if we need additional information about you, as an applicant, but that they do not need to send letters of recommendation.


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