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StandWithUs High School Internship Alumni

The StandWithUs High School Internship Alumni program serves the community of former participants of StandWithUs’ premier program for high school students, the StandWithUs High School Internship. All former interns are lifetime members of the StandWithUs Alumni community. The alumni program offers continued guidance, advocacy campaign funding, assistance with handling “crisis” situations regarding Israel, social events, special internships, and more! StandWithUs High School Internship Alumni services are open to all program alumni, free of charge.

Campus Alumni: CLICK HERE or e mail for more information.

High School Alumni: Please e mail for more information.

Congratulations, alumnus! You are part of an exclusive community with a network all over North American universities, and surprising places around the world! As a StandWithUs High School Internship alumnus, you are entitled to guidance, funding, future internships, grants, and more! We are here for you. Our alumni have already hosted huge events drawing hundreds of people, and so can you. To take advantage of these special opportunities, contact, if you are still a high school student, or, if you are a campus student. If you’re a college graduate and would like to get more involved in the StandWithUs family of supporters, please contact

I am an alumnus. What can the alumni program do for me?
First – congratulations! You are a member of an exclusive community, and you’re entitled to loads of special benefits, some that we can’t even list here. As an alumnus, you are entitled to mentoring, funding, internship opportunities, fellowship opportunities, and more!

I am an alumnus, and my campus or community is experiencing a dire anti-Israel situation. How can I get help?
We’re here for you, alumnus! We understand how challenging some situations can be, and we appreciate the need for a rapid response. Please send an e-mail with your name, location, and phone number to, and someone will call you as soon as possible.

I need a reference letter regarding my work as an intern. How can I get one?
We regularly write reference letters for our esteemed alumni. We are pleased to attest to your excellent work as an intern and to help you advance in your academic and business career. To request a reference letter, please send an e-mail with “Reference Letter Request” in the subject line, addressed to or

I want to host an Israel-related event. Can I get funding for this?
Absolutely! We are pleased to fund your alumni event (as long as it meets certain simple criteria). To get started, contact your high school or campus coordinator, and they can help you through the process.

I want to be alumnus! How can I become one?
It’s not possible unless you were previously a StandWithUs High School Intern. Want to become a StandWithUs High School Intern? Well, if you’re a sophomore or junior in high school, passionate about Israel, and already active in pro-Israel programs, you might be a great candidate. Contact to learn more. In high school but not a sophomore or junior? Seeking a less time-intensive way to support Israel? Write to for other ways to get involved. Are you a college student? Write to or visit to learn more about our college-level programs.

Does participating in the StandWithUs Alumni community cost money?
Absolutely not. Participation in the alumni program is completely free. In fact, alumni may be eligible for special grants for events and campaigns.

We are always pleased to hear from you. Whether you are an alumnus, a community member, a representative of an organization, a member of the press, or just plain curious, feel free to reach out to us any time.

Have a question? Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions tab for an immediate answer.

Please direct your queries and comments to (if you’re in high school) or to (if you’re a college student).

Please make sure to sign up for our high school newsletter, below, for up to date current events and events around North America.

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