Through diverse and professional training programmes, StandWithUs equips students across the UK to be effective Israel educators. We provide educational opportunities and expert training from professionals and leaders within the fields of politics, international diplomacy, marketing, business and more.


StandWithUs UK runs two programmes:

The StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellowship

Thanks to generous Los Angeles based philanthropists, Steve and Rita Emerson, the StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year program that recruits, trains, educates, and inspires university student leaders on campuses throughout the United Kingdom. They form a network of trained student leaders, chosen from over 20 campuses, who inspire their peers and collaborate with other student groups to run effective educational events about Israel. The Fellowship is part of an international movement, joining students from over 80 other campuses across the United States and Canada, where the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship has been running for over 11 years. 

Sixth Form Leadership Program

A one year course that prepares and trains emerging student leaders from schools across London before entering university. Each year, participating students are selected from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and schools. They meet and participate in regular sessions throughout the programme and are taught by leaders in the fields of diplomacy, communication, media, public speaking, and more. 

The students form a network of leaders that actively engage their peers in Israel education through workshops, "lunch and learns", and fundraising events, receiving investment to become effective educators at university. 

This year, participating students come from a variety of different schools including: JFS, Yavneh, Immanuel, Hasmonean, UCS, Haberdashers Boys, and Channing.


Each year, StandWithUs hosts annual conferences for student leaders in the UK. The aims of our conferences are to empower all students, sixth form and university, to stand up for Israel and provide a meeting place to meet like minded students from across the UK. Our conferences include:

Annual StandWithUs UK Israel in Focus Conference

Taking place at the beginning of the academic term, the StandWithUs UK Israel in Focus conference  aims to inspire students before starting or returning to university to lead change on campus for Israel. The conference regathers student leaders from across the country and provides them with opportunities to strategise and prepare to engage their campuses about Israel over the coming year. 

The annual conference has brought together leading MPs from the Labour and Conservative parties, Islamic scholars, media professionals, and many more. 

The International StandWithUs Israel in Focus Conference, Los Angeles, California

The Annual international StandWithUs Israel in Focus Conference gathers politicians, leaders, and activists from across the StandWithUs international network for an intensive four-day conference that inspires and educates the growing global community of Israel supporters. The StandWithUs UK Emerson fellows travel and join over 400 other students and alumni as part of the international StandWithUS Emerson Fellowship network. 


StandWithUs develops educational campaigns targeted at educating about Israel as well as correcting the one-sided anti-Israel narrative and countering antisemitism. Our campaigns promote education as the way to peace and promoting dialogue, involving proactive methods and activities that help to engage others with Israel.


Peace Week UK

A national campaign that was launched in 2018 following the success of our first ever Israel Peace Week campaigns on leading university campuses in 2017, Peace Week aims to foster dialogue, build bridges and reform the campus culture by creating a space for students to engage in a proactive discussion about peace in a positive way. 

Peace Week UK reaches 22 campuses annually and has led students to create events such as panel debates, speaking events with medics, Islamic academics and building bridges with other university groups and organisations. 

As part of the campaign, Isreality, a delegation of 25 Hebrew University of Jerusalem students, tour British campuses in support of the campaign, delivering a message of peace from Israeli student voices. 



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StandWithUs (SWU) is an international and non-partisan Israel education organization that inspires and educates people of all ages and backgrounds, challenges misinformation and fights antisemitism.

Fiscal Management: for the last seven years StandWithUs has obtained the highest possible ratings from two preeminent rating agencies:

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