StandWithUs is dedicated to educating about Israel and training the next generation to identify, challenge and stand strong in the face of antisemitism and anti-Zionism. We serve as the primary organisation in the UK equipped to train students in the techniques necessary to combat this at a grassroots level.

StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellowship


The StandWithUs UK flagship programme, the Emerson Fellowship, selects from the most aspiring applicants from campuses across the UK to participate in an academic programme, that provides a framework for like-minded students to change the landscape within which Israel education takes place.

Students are trained to identify challenges and receive a focused and professional response to antisemitism and anti-Zionism with access to a global network of prestigious Israel educators. Through workshops, the Emerson Fellowship equips participants with practical skills for challenging misinformation, organising events on campus and communicating their own truthful narrative. 

The Fellowship includes:

  • 6 Professional Development Sessions over 9 months, sourcing experts in all areas of Israel education, including - business professionals, military personnel, pundits, historians, politicians, and social scientists from all sides of the political spectrum – Palestinian, Middle Eastern and Israeli.

  • Workshops are designed to equip students with crucial skills for combatting antisemitism, such as public speaking, journalism, event planning, leadership and social media management.

  • A 3 day residential UK based conference with expert speakers and personalities.

  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and professionals and to establish long-lasting and meaningful connections.

  • One to one educational and practical support from full time Campus Coordinators.

  • Access to an international support-system of strategic and legal experts.

  • An all-expenses paid trip to L.A. as part of our International Conference, featuring VIPs in the industry.

  • A sizeable stipend upon completion of the Emerson Fellowship.

  • Opportunities to attend StandWithUs missions to Israel for the most enthusiastic students.

Find out more about the StandWithUs UK Emerson Fellowship here

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Community Events

Charlotte is the Senior Educator and Director of International Student Programmes at StandWithUs Israel, where she educates and trains students in Israeli history and advocacy. Charlotte works with over 10, 000 students a year in nearly every continent around the world, educating about Israel, dealing with tough issues and training individuals to be effective advocates in their high schools, universities and communities. Charlotte is one of the foremost public speakers in her field.

For more information or to book your own Crash Course contact Charlotte Korchak at

Leadership & School Programmes

Through our 6th form and school programmes, we ensure students are equipped to challenge the anti-Israel misinformation so prevalent at University and the wider community. By delivering a non-political by-partisan education we allow them to come to their own political opinions and conclusions, effectively arming them with the historical facts, enabling them to navigate through the misrepresentation of facts they are likely to encounter on their journey through life.


StandWithUs UK works directly with 6th forms, Jewish & Israel societies across the country as well as providing stand-alone courses for 6th form students who wish to explore and develop their skills independently of their school curriculum.

Annual Conferences

Each year, StandWithUs hosts annual conferences for student leaders in the UK. The aims of our conferences are to empower all students, sixth form and university, to stand up for Israel and provide a meeting place to meet like minded students from across the UK. Our conferences include:

Annual StandWithUs UK Israel in Focus Conference

Taking place at the beginning of the academic term, the StandWithUs UK Israel in Focus conference  aims to inspire students before starting or returning to university to lead change on campus for Israel. The conference regathers student leaders from across the country and provides them with opportunities to strategise and prepare to engage their campuses about Israel over the coming year. 

The annual conference has brought together leading MPs from the Labour and Conservative parties, Islamic scholars, media professionals, and many more. 

The International StandWithUs Israel in Focus Conference, Los Angeles, California

The Annual international StandWithUs Israel in Focus Conference gathers politicians, leaders, and activists from across the StandWithUs international network for an intensive four-day conference that inspires and educates the growing global community of Israel supporters. The StandWithUs UK Emerson fellows travel and join over 400 other students and alumni as part of the international StandWithUS Emerson Fellowship network. 

Effective Campaigns

StandWithUs UK Supports IHRA Campaign- Following a directive from the Government urging the adoption of the IHRA definition at all universities in the UK, StandWithUs has been campaigning and training our students to understand the importance of this definition and the need for its adoption at learning institutions across the country. In doing this, UK Fellows have created a video to highlight the importance of the definition and can at any point tap into a StandWithUs UK presentation for their university campus, presented by Academic Director on The Board, Dr. David Stone.

Peace Week UK

A national campaign that was launched in 2018 following the success of our first ever Israel Peace Week campaigns on leading university campuses in 2017, Peace Week aims to foster dialogue, build bridges and reform the campus culture by creating a space for students to engage in a proactive discussion about peace in a positive way. 

Peace Week UK reaches 22 campuses annually and has led students to create events such as panel debates, speaking events with medics, Islamic academics and building bridges with other university groups and organisations. 

As part of the campaign, Isreality, a delegation of 25 Hebrew University of Jerusalem students, tour British campuses in support of the campaign, delivering a message of peace from Israeli student voices. 

StandWithUs UK is Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England Company No. 08216260. 
Registered Charity No.1151329
Registered Office Landau Morley 325/327 Oldfield North Greenford Middlesex UB6 0FX

StandWithUs UK is Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England Company No. 08216260. 
Registered Charity No.1151329
Registered Office Landau Morley 325/327 Oldfield North Greenford Middlesex UB6 0FX


StandWithUs UK is Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England Company No. 08216260. 
Registered Charity No.1151329
Registered Office Landau Morley 325/327 Oldfield North Greenford Middlesex UB6 0FX