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All sessions (with the exception of Live Tours) can be run virtually or as on-site presentations, subject to conditions allowing for it.


9 Million Citizens: 18 Million Opinions (A Social History of Israel)

For such a young nation, the social history of Israel is rather intricate. Together, we will explore the factors that contribute to what Israel is today and begin to frame these social issues in terms of history, politics, religion, and personal perspectives. Duration: 45 minutes

Cooperation in Times of Crisis

We will explore three sources of humanitarian aid in Israel: Mashav, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; IsraAID, Israel’s largest humanitarian aid organization; and Israeli and Palestinian cooperation during the COVID-19 crisis. Duration: 45 Minutes

Breaking News in Israel

This fast-moving session will cover the top stories Israelis are talking about. This program is constantly updated to reflect current events. The content can be shaped to match the audience’s knowledge level. Duration: 45 Minutes

Finding Your Connection to Israel

We all have a connection to Israel—whether we realize it or not. Some of us are in the discovery process of that connection, while others just need the words to describe it. In this program, you will be inspired by one unique story of how Israel changed someone’s entire life, but you will also learn how to share the story of your connection that invites others to discover and explore their own. Duration: 1 Hour

Understanding the Foundation of the Middle East

This program demonstrates the bilateral and multilateral relationships and power struggles in the region. We will explore the relationship between Sunni and Shia populations, including how their ancient split impacts the modern-day relationships between countries in the Middle East. Duration: 30–45 Minutes

Current Regional Dynamics in the Middle East

This program builds on “Understanding the Foundation of the Middle East” and explores the current dynamics in the region. It explains how the complex nature of modern relationships between the regions’ countries has developed over time. This program will provide a greater understanding of the relationships between Israel’s neighbors so that we can more accurately recognize how these relationships influence the decisions these countries make in relation to Israel. Duration: 30–45 Minutes

Israel on Campus—What to Know Before You Get There

When it comes to educating about Israel as a student leader, the transition from high school to college is different for everyone. Every college campus is unique. Many high school students have questions about what their potential college campus is like for Jewish students/the pro-Israel community. In this webinar, we will hear about what this transition looks like, the new trends on campus when it comes to pro-Israel and anti-Israel activity, and what high school students should know now to prepare for their future. Duration: 30 Minutes

The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict and the Pathways to Peace

This program is a deep dive into the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. We go from the black-and-white facts to the nuanced shades of gray, as we hear both sides of the story. The goal is to recognize how complex the issues have become as the conflict has evolved over time, while actively looking for signs of hope and opportunities for pathways to peace. Duration: 1 Hour

Antisemitism vs. Legitimate Criticism of Israel

Sometimes the difference between antisemitism vs. legitimate criticism is black and white, but everyone needs the skills to distinguish between the two. This program is a tool kit to identify antisemitism and shares the tools to push back against it, whether in a one-on-one conversation or on a larger platform, by evaluating recent examples of antisemitism and legitimate criticism. Duration: 45 Minutes

Understanding the BDS Movement

This presentation shares how the BDS Movement was formed and introduces its major players, goals, and strategies from an educational perspective. Duration: 1 Hour

The Experience of Religious, Ethnic, and Gender Minorities in Israel

We celebrate the fact that Israel is the Jewish state, but it is definitely far from a monolithic society. The Jewish community is incredibly diverse, and there are many other religious and ethnic minorities represented in the country as well. All of these people, with their similarities and differences, define and describe what it means to be Israeli. Duration: 40 Minutes

Israeli Innovations

Amazing technology has come out of the small country of Israel. The presentation highlights innovations that teens use every day and also promotes the various technological contributions that Israel has provided for the world. Duration: 35 Minutes

U.S. and Israel: Partners for Peace

“U.S. and Israel: Partners for Peace” explains why the U.S. and Israel have such a strong bond with one another and how this bond developed over time. This program shows the similarities in governments and cultures, which explain why the countries understand each other and work together so well. Duration: 45 Minutes

Israel’s Government System

Since its rebirth in 1948, Israel has existed as a democracy with a parliamentary system of government. This program reviews the structure of the government, the current composition of the Knesset, as well as the main issues on the legislative agenda. Duration: 45 Minutes

Israeli Food Culture

Food can tell us a lot about who we are as a people. It’s also usually a fairly uncontroversial subject. But, because we’re talking about Israel, food culture and history do become a source of tension. Take a journey through Israel’s history by looking at how Israeli food reflects where the people of Israel are from and who they are today. Duration: 45 Minutes

Challenges in Gaza

This program dives into the history and current complexities of this eight-mile-wide, 25-mile-long strip of land in order to shed light on a complicated and controversial situation. Duration: 45 Minutes

Antisemitism Today

“Antisemitism Today” provides a space for teens to share experiences they have had with antisemitism before transitioning into a conversation about how to stop this hatred through strategic and proactive education. Duration: 45 Minutes

Israel 101

A comprehensive overview of Israel’s inspiring story, from 3,000 years ago until today, this interactive program empowers teens to grasp the facts, be proud of their connection to Israel, and use this history on their own. Duration: 1 Hour

What Is Antisemitism and How to Fight Back

An age-appropriate look at what antisemitism is, how it is legally defined, and how it manifests today. We will focus on select examples of how other students have faced antisemitism and been empowered by fighting back with the help of the StandWithUs Legal Department. Duration: 1 Hour

Know Your Rights

An in-depth look at the rights of and current legal issues facing Jewish and pro-Israel students, faculty, and community members. We will focus on select examples of antisemitism or anti-Israel activity on U.S. campuses and in communities nationwide and how the StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department empowers the pro-Israel community to fight back and enforce the pro-Israel communities’ rights when they are infringed upon. Duration: 1 hour

Ethiopian Experience

There are approximately 150,000 Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Learn about Ethiopian Jewish history, tradition, and culture in this interactive lecture. You will hear first hand about the history of Ethiopian Jews and their arduous journey to Israel. We will open your eyes to the diversity of Israel and your senses to the amazing customs, music and food of Ethiopian Jewry!

How does your service work?

Myself, the owner operator plus assistant (s)will come to your home. Before we clean your home, we will evaluate your cleaning needs and determine a resonable flat fee for our services based on a maximum number of hours. If additional cleaning or special projects require additional cleaning hours beyond our estimate, we will inform you of these fees prior to the next scheduled appointment in order to allow for the additional time needed to address those issues. It is very simple: I take a look at your place, give you an estimate, you sign the authorization and agreement contract (during that time I will ask you simple questions as : "anything I should be aware of? already broken items/pre existing conditions? not very incommon to have an faulty door on an applicance, blind, derailled doors, insteady shelves etc, ELECTRONICS : warning with modums, internet boxes etc. PETS: indoor/outdoor pet, excessive barking, potentially vicious animals, gated area allocated for the pet. ENTRANCE DOOR SAFETY : how you want us to lock the door or exit the house? Once everyhting is establised and understood we start the job, at some point I will request you to inspect it to make sure everything is satisfactory and your expectations are met. You write your iniatials/sign for final approval. We can schedule a next cleaning visit at that point with a final fee for maintenace cleaning (at that point I will point out the special projects we noticed). We accept cash, check, Venmo- free of charge- Major CC with Square 3% fee or Paypal. After we have a established relationship, I normally text/call you to remind you of the following day visit/ this goes without saying that we have already discussed an arrangement for accesing your home- (if you plan to be absent)- It is very important that you let me know how the house will be accessible : example code to get in the front door, entrust me with a copy of the key, hidden key spot, alarm code, names of pet or roomates or any persons present in the house during the visit. Let's secure how payment is made you have a selction of choice : payment by cash/check will be waiting for us in the house or prepaid in advance whatever you have chosen. The person in charge of signing the contract and paying me will be the actual legal client who I report and answer any questions. That person must be 18 of age or older. I will do a follow up check up after the cleaning just to make sure everything is ok with that same person who signed the contract and cheked the final job. We guarrantee our job within 24 hours. If in case we missed an area please let me know right away then we can come back to correct this error. Beyond 24 hours then let's discuss an eventual correction for future visits as a form of credit for an future visit or making up for it as adding an extra complementary project. Please REMENBER THERE IS NO REFUND POLICY FOR THE HOURS WE HAVE ALREADY WORKED. In extremely rare cases an accident occurs we inform you right away. WE NEED 24 hours for any cancellation of an schedule visit. Note that after 2 times-(two Grace periods), I will charge you $100 for late cancellation. If you cancel the visit while we are driving to your home or when we arrrive at your house we can not clean your place this is a full visit fee unless a force of nature please give me 48 hours of notice generally speaking. You are responsable to let me know if your street will be close the day of visit, plumber/electrician/handyman/any contractors coming the same day unless they will NOT interfere with our normal routine visit. We are completely ok to work around you while you are sick so we appreciate if there is no late cancellation for sickness. The client usually stays in his/her room/office so we skipp it and do some extra cleaning somewhere else.

Do we bring our own supplies and equipment?

We bring our own cleaning supplies. These comprise sprays, wipes, polishes, bleach, etc that are found at traditional supermarkets. We can bring organic cleaning supplies upon advanced request, but please be aware that organic cleaning products do not always clean as effectively as traditional cleaning products. We are happy to use any products you may prefer and already have in your home. We have our own equipment necessary to provide you with excellent cleaning. We are always happy to use your equipment upon request. (i.e. use your vacuum.) Please note: We are not liable for repair and maintenance of your equipemnt/appliances.

Are we licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes indeed we are insured, licensed and bonded & I must add that after over 30 years of providing outstanding housecleaning, we have never had a claim with our insurance.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The fastest most efficient way to schedule a first time housecleaning appointment is to call us directly. Please call 805-451-1291. Once we have established a client relationship, text messaging is great UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY THEN CALL ME. Sometimes soon, you will be able to book on line for your appointement however we expect a phone call for introduction and details. Thank you.

How expensive will it be to clean my home?

For the first time, we clean your home is approximately $200-$250. This first time fee provides a deeper cleaning. We offer also the Deluxe cleaning for $500 if it is want you prefer. We will use our first visit to establish your cleaning needs as well as determine which, if any, special projects may be needed, such as cleaning baseboards, woodwork or inside of cabinets. After that initial visit, the cost is less per visit. I normally let you know the cost if you hire us on a regular basis for the future. Visit fees are paid at the time of the service. I will keep your credit card on file for recurring services & clients who live out of town (who can not be present to meet me) or request payment on your Venmo account. Special projects will be addressed on very often we are able to combine all projects in only one visit IF the house has been proprely mainteaned & prep for our arrival as pickup up things from the floors & flat surfaces, clearing the dirty dishes from the sink, folding laundry & put away etc then we focus on scrubbing, dissinfecting, polishing, mopping etc...

What services are excluded from standard house cleaning services?

Special projects are cleaning services that require additional focus and cleaning time. They should be integrated into a regular cleaning plan. For example, we may identify certain areas of your home, such ovens, bbq's, guesthouse, inside cabinets, woodwork or under the cluttered beds or behind appliances, dusting high reached shelves, treating leather couches, etc that need extra attention. Our goal is to bring your home to a level of cleanliness that over time will be easier for you to maintain. Because special projects require additional time they need to be spread out over a series of visits. Examples of services that are outside of standard housecleaning include: cleaning walls, dismantling of light fixtures to clean insides, shampooing carpets, two-story house exterior windows, picking up animal droppings, pressure washing outdoor patios, balconies, and patio furniture. Please note that houses that are exessively cluttered or where hoarding has occured require specialized professional cleaning services.

Do I have to be at home during a cleaning visit?

Yes for the first visit only (or someone over 18 years of age who will be responsable to sign and check the final job & pay). This is necessary to ensure that we have provided the appropriate price quote and meet your expectations before we leave. If you can not be present then there must be a person in the house over 18 years of age to sign the contract/check the job/pay/inform me of anything related to the house. We guarrantee our job for 24 hours so call me and let me know if we miss an area we will gladly return- Please note that we do NOT refund any fee already paid for hours already worked. Once we have established our regular relationship, we prefer that we clean when clients and pets are out of the home. We want you to come home to that "Five-Star Hotel" clean home! For vacation rentals, we can set up appropriate pricing, expecations, and pre-payment via phone or email. For clients out of town, we must have the credit card on file before we start the job.

How long have you been cleaning homes in Santa Barbara?

We are a locally-owned independent business. We have been cleaning homes in Santa Barbara for 28 years.

What services don't you do? EXCLUSIONS

We provide standard cleaning for homes of all types. This traditionally includes dusting, wiping surfaces, disinfecting and scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, cobweb removal, polishing wood floors, mirrors, empyting trash cans. If your propriety needs specail need we offer the Deluxe cleaning but make sure to request it during phone conversation. We partner with local professional service providers for services outside the scope of standard house cleaning: Professional services get involved for : windows, super dirty blinds, carpets shampooing, steaming walls, floor stripping and scubbing of large tile floors, steam cleaning for walls, outdooors furniture, patios, draperies, couches and chairs. (We only surface vacuum carpet & upholstery furniture). Resurfacing bath tubs with years of build up calcium. Power washing can make a huge difference for specific things and with great results. We do not pick up animal excrement/clean vomit. Super excessive debris and trash on floors, rat droppings, oil stains in driveway or garage etc... We have a list of referrals based on our 30 years of business and working with professional service providors. We believe in supporting locally-owned businesses, together we create a stronger community. We recommend Schulman Window Cleaning for all of your professional window and screen cleaning. 805-259-5255

How ready does my home need to be before your visit?

Our goal is to ensure that your home is clean which specifically refers to disinfecting, wiping, washing, polishing, vacuuming, etc. We do not provide laundry services generaly speaking, including washing and folding of clothing- unless we already have an agreement as for a vacation rental - if client has a washer/dryer in the house) or an agreed exemption as far as laundry and ironning. Our expectation is that your home is generally tidy, so that we may focus our cleaning efforts on the details needed for a clean home as well as the special projects needed for the long-term maintenance of your home. Unless we have an establised relationship where laundry/folding/ironing has been discussed and added to the regular fee.

Does move out cleaning include hauling?

No. You must have your home empty when we arrive, including the refrigerator and freezer. All trash must be discarded. We will take care of the cleaning to ensure that you get your cleaning deposit back from your landlord. Our job is guaranteed for 24 hours after the service.

Are we COVID-19 safety compliant?

Yes! We are CDC corona virus compliant. We are commited to your safety. We wear masks and gloves and disinfect our equipment after each use. To avoid cross contamination, we prefer to use your own vacuum.

Do we offer same day service and weekend service?

We work by reservation only unless we have a cancellation so we can gladly offer same day emergency service or weekend service. We are a small family company- Owner operated.

What is the DELUXE cleaning?

This is for a large propriety ( over 3000 sq) that requests detailed long intensive hours appointemnt for meticulous and high expectation client. We can spend almost an entire day and the cost is about $500/1000. I will give a "in person estimate" to meet the client/house manager and discuss the project with possibly involving the window cleaner/carpet cleaner.

Can I book a cleaning visit on line?

Yes you can! however call us for confirmation and details of the job you have booked or ready to book. Shamppo carpet cleaning, window cleaning & organization projects are not uncluded in the fee you see on line.

Live Tours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Jewish Quarter

Explore the ancient connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem as we walk to the Western Wall by way of the Jewish Quarter. Together, we will uncover over 2,000 years of history and share a moment of prayer and reflection at the Kotel. Notes may be sent in advance of the tour for delivery to the Western Wall during the broadcast. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Nachlaot

Stroll through the colorful alleyways of the sixth neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City. Comprised of 32 different and smaller neighborhoods, Nachlaot was founded by Jewish immigrants from around the world who endowed each neighborhood with their own identity. We will discover the incredible characteristics and the diverse cultures that have made Nachlaot into a haven for Haredim and hipsters alike. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Mishkenot Sheananim

The revolutionary first neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City: While visiting the neighborhood’s vintage windmills and original houses, we will examine the events that led up to its creation, its founding by Sir Moses Montefiore, and its critical role from the War of Independence to the Six-Day War. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Jerusalem: LIVE—Strategic Tour

At Jerusalem's southern edge, we will examine Jerusalem's expansion post-1967, peer into Bethlehem, and understand security challenges and solutions while standing next to a section of Israel's security barrier. Not available in winter Duration: 1–1.25 hours

Gush Etzion: LIVE

Understand the historical and strategic significance and unravel some of the complicated issues of Judea and Samaria/the West Bank on a walk through the Path of the Patriarchs—the ancient road that connected southern Israel to Jerusalem. Duration: 1–1.25 hours

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