StandWithUs Covid Policy

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StandWithUs COVID-19 Policy for Staff Traveling for Work-Related Purposes 

The health and safety of our staff remain our top priorities. We created this policy for all staff who resume travel and in-person programming with these priorities in mind. 


Mask Requirements During Travel


All staff members must wear masks during all travel periods by use of any form of public transportation, including by airplane, train, bus, taxi or ride-sharing vehicle travel, regardless of vaccination status. Staff traveling by airplane nationally or internationally must follow and adhere to all applicable travel guidelines and requirements. 


Staff who use their own personal vehicle for traveling are not required to wear masks, however staff who use their personal vehicle for travel with others are encouraged to wear masks while traveling. 


Mask Requirements During In-Person Events


Pursuant to CDC guidance, all unvaccinated staff are required to wear a mask at all times during both indoor and outdoor activities. Exceptions are made during any meal periods, however social distancing is recommended during this time. 


For all staff members who are fully vaccinated*, mask wearing is optional for both indoor and outdoor activities. StandWithUs encourages all staff members, regardless of vaccination status, to continue wearing masks, practice social distancing and continuously use hand sanitizer and other disinfectants during indoor activities.  


If the state and/or local guidelines, including individual campus or building guidelines, are more stringent than our policy, the more stringent guidelines apply. 


All StandWithUs staff members who are fully vaccinated should send proof of vaccination to Einat Ronen at StandWithUs staff members who do not send proof of vaccination will be presumed unvaccinated, and must adhere to the mask wearing requirements for unvaccinated staff. 


These guidelines are subject to change as more information becomes available. 

* Full vaccination is deemed two full weeks after the second shot of a two-dose vaccine, or two full weeks after a one-dose vaccine. 

** As of July 15, 2021