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Donate your Car and Make a Difference

That car taking up space in your garage or driveway can do so much good. Put it to work with StandWithUs and help us fulfill our mission of standing up for Israel and fighting antisemitism.


StandWithUs is partnering with Cars2Charities to make donating your vehicle easy! StandWithUs receives the donation from your fully tax-deductible gift.


Your tax receipt will come from Cars2Charities. 

Donate Your Car To StandWithUs!

CALL 855-520-2100

7 Days a Week
Serving All 50 States

Your car can help support our incredible programs all over the world. Help us as we empower students, inform and inspire communities, and make a difference in the battle against antizionism and antisemitism.

Support StandWithUs by donating your car today. We make it so easy!

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