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Thank you for your interest in the
StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship!

We're excited to announce that we are expanding to Australia! Are you a university student looking to make a difference in your community? Do you want to gain knowledge and confidence to educate about Israel and fight antisemitism? Applications for the StandWithUs Australia Emerson Fellowship are officially open, and we would love to have you apply! Click the link below to access the program application and expectations.

*Applications for the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship U.S., Canada, UK, and Nederland will open in Spring 2024*

Founded in 2007 with a generous grant from Los Angeles philanthropists Rita and Steve Emerson, the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year program that trains, educates, and empowers student leaders on college campuses around the world. Chosen from key campuses, Emerson Fellows lead their communities and inspire their peers through dynamic programs, inspiring campaigns, and discussions about Israel. Emerson Fellows are trained extensively on how to navigate antisemitic activity on campus, and how to mobilize and confront these issues strategically and effectively. Fellows participate in two transformative conferences and continue their training throughout the year with expert-led workshops each month. Every Emerson Fellow receives tailored mentorship from regionally based professionals who will help them grow into effective leaders and maximize their impact on campus. Throughout their experience, Emerson Fellows are plugged into a global community of student leaders where they can exchange ideas, share best practices, and support each other.


The StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship is currently active in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Brazil, and South Africa.


StandWithUs also offers a specialized opportunity, the Emerson Fellowship: Christian Outreach program, which empowers Christian students to be leaders and allies as they educate their campus and church communities about Israel and antisemitism.


Exemplary Emerson Fellows may be selected to become StandWithUs Campus Liaisons, who work for the Campus Department part-time and serve as mentors for younger students within the StandWithUs network.


Former Emerson Fellows are inducted into the StandWithUs Alumni Network which offers opportunities for alumni to stay connected to StandWithUs—and to each other. Through our various committees and specialized programs, alumni continue their Israel education and activism, stay up-to-date with StandWithUs national and local events, join regional events, find job opportunities within the field of Israel activism and education, and so much more.

Image by Levi Meir Clancy

StandWithUs Emerson Fellows Receive:

  • An in-depth overview Israel’s history and current affairs, along with effective methods for having rich conversations about Israel and addressing misinformation and false claims


  • Tools and strategies to engage and educate their peers about Israel through dynamic programs, inspiring campaigns, and relationship-building efforts with different communities


  • High-level training, skills, and the confidence needed to lead their communities and mobilize effectively in response to campus antisemitism


  • Comprehensive knowledge of their legal rights on campus, both in and out of the classroom, and pro bono legal guidance from the StandWithUs Legal Department


  • An extensive audit of who represents them on campus — from student government to administrative departments — and how to engage these stakeholders on behalf of their community


  • Strategies and best practices from the StandWithUs Digital Team on how to amplify their voices online and combat online hate


  • An incredible network of student leaders around the world to exchange ideas and best practices


  • First-hand access to StandWithUs materials, departments, experts, and more

Countries Represented


Emerson Fellows




Students impacted by each

Emerson Fellow





Roberta Seid Award Winners
for Courage and Leadership

The Roberta Seid Award for Courage and Leadership, in memory of Dr. Roberta Seid, is given to one outstanding StandWithUs Emerson Fellow each year who has demonstrated exemplary courage, leadership, and commitment to Israel activism on campus and beyond. Dr. Seid was the first Director of Research and Education at StandWithUs; this remarkable award is in honor of an incredible visionary who helped people of all ages stand up for Israel with impactful StandWithUs educational materials for over a decade.

Roberta Seid Award


Joel Nasar (1) (3).jpg
1st Place

Joel Nasar

Brooklyn College

Sophie Shafran (1) (1) (2).jpg
2nd Place

Sophie Shafran

Indiana University

Movement Builder Award
for Creativity and Impact

The Movement Builder Award for Creativity and Impact is given to one exceptional StandWithUs Emerson Fellow each year who approached and successfully implemented Israel programming with a specific and dynamic strategy tailored to their campus climate. The award is named after the StandWithUs Movement Builder platform, which is designed to help student leaders assess their campus climate, map out their goals, and develop an effective strategy for Israel education that will maximize their impact.

Movement Builder Award


Carly Klinger (1) (2).jpg
1st Place

Carly Klinger

UC Davis

Gabriella Leftkovits (1) (2).jpg
2nd Place

Gabriela Lefkovits

University of Georgia

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