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Thank you for your interest in
StandWithUs FLI: 
First-Year Leadership Internship!

Applications for
StandWithUs FLI: First-Year Leadership Internship 
will open in Fall 2024!

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StandWithUs FLI:
First-Year Leadership Internship

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StandWithUs FLI: First-year leadership Internship offers first-year college students a unique platform to fast-track their growth as campus leaders. Through this semester-long program, FLI students gain hands-on training from StandWithUs experts through interactive workshops and tailored mentorship from seasoned student leaders. Upon completion of the program, FLI students feel empowered, confident, and ready to pursue future leadership roles in their campus communities, including the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship. 

What does the First-Year Leadership Internship offer YOU?

✅ 5 Dynamic Workshops

✅ Tailored Mentorship

✅ National Network of Leaders

✅ $250 Stipend

Get to Know Yourself

Explore the foundations of leadership and your leadership potential on campus. This inaugural session focuses on social entrepreneurship, leadership skills and qualities, and the steps to building a movement on campus. You’ll also get to meet the FLI student mentors!

Get to Know Your Campus

Dive into campus strategy with the StandWithUs Research & Strategy Department and develop key tools, strategies, and expertise to support Israel and combat misinformation on campus with greater impact.

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Get to Know Your Rights

Meet the StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department, who will empower you with an understanding of your rights on campus and how you can get involved in the legal fight against antisemitism.

Get to Know Your Facts

Join StandWithUs educators for an essential introduction to Israel's history, society, and current conflicts. Gain the knowledge to navigate discourse around Israel with accuracy and confidence.

Get to Know The Experts

Interact with a diverse panel of leaders who will share their personal insights and experiences with Israel and antisemitism. These experts will provide valuable recommendations and best practices while addressing questions about campus activism.

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Arielle M.

FLI Fall 2023

University of Maryland

First-Year Leadership Intern Arielle hosted a former IDF Search and Rescue soldier on campus to share his perspective on the 10/7 Hamas massacre and address the misinformation and false claims coming out of the war.

Shoshana B.
FLI Spring 2023

University of Michigan

First-Year Leadership Intern Shoshana organized an evening program to discuss current events in Israel at the height of the Judicial reform protests. Throughout the discussion, students got an in-depth understanding of Israel’s democratic nature as a country.

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Jaden P.

FLI Fall 2022


First-Year Leadership Intern Jaden tabled on campus with a banner that read“Ask Me About Antisemitism” to spark conversations about the rise of Jewish hate on campus and how his peers can support the Jewish community.

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