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Fight BDS and Combat Antisemitism


Are you a high school student who wants to stand up for yourself, your Jewish community, and Israel? Or, are you a concerned parent or teacher who wants to prepare students for challenges they may experience in high school or on their future college campuses? 


Through StandWithUs’ educational programs, interactive workshops, and materials, an international network of teens and young adults—high school students across America (and around the world)—are being empowered, educated, and trained to fight  Boycott campaigns against Israel (BDS) and combat antisemitism.  To find out about these and other StandWithUs programs, email highschool@standwithus.com


StandWithUs Educational Programs and Interactive Workshops


Preparation to Fight BDS on College Campuses: 

  1. “Israel on Campus—What to Know Before You Get There”

  2. “Campus Scenarios Based on Real Examples”

  3. ”Understanding the BDS Movement”

  4. ”Know Your Legal Rights on Campus”


How to Combat Antisemitism in Your High School and at Your Future College: 

  1. “What Is Antisemitism? How to Fight Back” 

  2. “Antisemitism vs. Legitimate Criticism of Israel”

  3. “Antisemitism Today” 

  4. “Know Your Rights in High School” 


Click HERE for our excellent reading materials and booklets about the BDS movement and the rise of antisemitism. 


StandWithUs provides participating high school students with the following empowering, educational training. You can request one or more of these sessions for your classroom, synagogue or community. 


  1. Defining BDS: Students learn what BDS is, its history, how it manifests, and what its real purpose is.

  2. Understanding antisemitism: Students gain an understanding of the definition of antisemitism. When is a campaign expressing antisemitic slurs? When is it composed of reasonable dialogue and debate?

  3. How to be proactive and bring Israel to your future college campus: Students find out how to inspire their peers about Israel—to work with the low-hanging fruit first—gather them, create clubs and committees, and then begin as a team to educate others. StandWithUs offers ideas, resources, and even funding for proactive Israel education.

  4. How to become an integral part of the pro-Israel network on your future college campus: Students discover how to work with all pro-Israel campus groups so they can be part of a general strategy and help bring everyone together to face anti-Israel challenges as they arise.

  5. Outreach: Students learn to reach out to other student groups, discovering and participating in interesting and important agendas/campaigns/causes and sharing their own priority issues with their new friends.

  6. Student government: The BDS movement pushes its agenda on college campuses through student government leadership. BDS supporters run for student senate seats, securing 50%—or even a majority, then promote BDS and work to pass resolutions that are divisive and bigoted against Israel. StandWithUs encourages pro-Israel students to get involved in student government themselves to counter the BDS supporters. StandWithUs staff members have extensive experience running for student government, so they can offer real-life insights and assistance. If StandWithUs student leaders don’t run for positions themselves, they can still educate student government members through information, tools, and techniques they gain from StandWithUs.

  7. Know your rights! The StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department and the StandWithUs Center for Combating Antisemitism teaches high school and college students about their legal rights. Sometimes, BDS campaigns, student groups, or even professors cross the line and violate the rights of pro-Israel students, particularly when they create an environment that feels hostile to Jewish students, most of whom consider Israel a critical part of their identity.

  8. Learn from those who have been through BDS campaigns: We are no longer caught off guard by individual BDS campaigns, whereas in the past it often seemed like “guerilla warfare” (although it certainly still can feel like that). Today, we can predict most of the different ways divisive BDS campaigns play out, from hummus boycotts to anti-Israel resolutions, from minimizing any dialogue with the pro-Israel community by introducing campaigns during Jewish holidays to creating a hostile campus environment toward anyone who supports Israel, etc. Many staff members of the StandWithUs Campus Department and the StandWithUs High School Department have been through BDS campaigns themselves at their own alma maters and have helped develop best practices and solutions. They share with high school students their personal experiences with BDS, challenges, and successes.

  9. Above all—we encourage students to be proud, speak out, and educate their friends: Pro-Israel students should stand tall and be proud. The Jewish and pro-Israel community brings much to the table at college campuses and should NEVER check their Zionism at the door. The pro-Israel campus community and off-campus community are committed to being there for our students in all ways necessary, including evaluating whether their challenge includes a legal issue that is violating the rights of Jewish or pro-Israel students.

  10. You are not alone: At this challenging time of rising antisemitism, a supportive network is a gift. Through StandWithUs, students learn they will become part of a huge, international network of people who care about Israel and are proud to be Jewish. 

To bring an educational program to your classroom, synagogue, or community and/or receive resources, email highschool@standwithus.com

2018-2019 OUR BEST YEAR YET!
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In recent years, StandWithUs has increased its scope of activity to reach into high school

classrooms by identifying the need to train, empower, and inspire a strong connection to Israel

in younger students prior to their entrance into college.


Our high school department provides educational workshops, seminars,

presentations, and resources to high schools across North America.


Our main goal is to inspire high school students, providing these services to Jewish day schools,youth groups,

teen organizations, educators, and public schools that do not commonly have the resources

to delve into such a hotly contested topic as the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

In 2012 we started the StandWithUs High School Internship program --

a yearlong mentorship for Jewish high school students that trains, educates,

and inspires them to be leaders once they enter college.