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Embattled DePaul Professor Addresses StandWithUs Chicago Board and Supporters


Jason Hill, author and honors distinguished professor of philosophy at DePaul University in Chicago, specializing in ethics and social and political philosophy, is receiving death threats, requires security to and from his classes, and has just been sanctioned by the faculty. Why? He wrote an article for The Federalist standing up for Israel and supporting a policy of annexing the West Bank.
At a campus that has protected the freedom of speech and academic freedom of virulently anti-Israel faculty and is now hosting its annual anti-Israel week, Hill finds himself slandered as a racist (he is black) and promoter of genocide. Hill is worried less about his personal situation than about the threat to free speech at our universities, i.e., when the topic is Israel. In his 19 years at DePaul, he has never seen a faculty group do a peer review and condemn one of its colleagues for voicing an opinion in an op-ed.
He defends the students’ rights to challenge his views and to march in opposition. However, he questions their right to defame his character with blatantly untrue charges. He is also perplexed about why the students claim he is causing them harm and making them feel unsafe, while he is the one who requires a police escort and security guard outside his classroom.  

His views, which do not align with the accepted narrative on many college campuses, include a strong conviction that “Israel has every right to defeat terrorists” and that Hamas, a designated terror group, can claim no such rights. His positions come from his ethical world views and are not subject to what perspective is popular at the moment. While Hill is open to debating the merits of his positions, he refuses to apologize for it and be bullied into conformity: ”I may be censored, but I am not silenced.“



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