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StandWithUs Expands High School and Middle School Programs in
St. Louis, Kansas City and Detroit 


Matt Rissien, Midwest LINK associate director, and Adam Blue, high school coordinator, visited St. Louis, Kansas City and Detroit presenting StandWithUs middle and high school programs. Success!


Ten new schools signed up for LINK, a hands-on, experiential Israel education curriculum for middle-schools schools.

The new LINK schools include: St. Louis: Congregation B’nai, Temple Israel, United Hebrew, Saul Mirowitz Community School, Temple Emanuel, and Kol Rinah; Kansas City: Congregation Beth Shalom, Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, and B’nai Jehudah and Detroit: Temple Israel.

Adam educated students at nine schools and youth programs including Ladue High School, Clayton High School, Marquette High School, Yeshivat Kadimah High School, and at an NCSY Latte and Learn event in St. Louis. He also spoke at Blue Valley North High School, at a USY event at Congregation Beth Shalom, and gave Shabbat presentations at Torah Learning Center and Congregation BIAV in Kansas City. While in Detroit, he ran a senior seminar for the students at Farber Hebrew Day School.


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