About Us



StandWithUs Netherlands is dedicated to education. We want to inform the Dutch public about what is going on in Israel. We want to make sure that Israel's accomplishments as well as challenges are discussed in a responsible way on high schools, university campuses and in communities all over the country. We also want to keep educating about the Holocaust and strengthen ties between the Dutch public and the Jewish community. 

The Story of StandWithUs

StandWithUs was founded in 2001 by Roz Rothstein and Esther Renzer in their Los Angeles living room. Roz and Esther asked Jewish community leaders how to best respond to growing anti-Israel sentiments and prejudices. At the time, the second intifada was going on and many Israeli were killed. Some media outlets, however, presented the situation as if it was all Israel’s fault and own doing. The direct cause of concern was an opinion poll in th