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Durban 3 Ring Circus Exposes UN's Hypocrisy, Racism and Lies

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Press Release
September 23, 2011

Approximately 500 people, according to the New York police, were present at the Dag Hammerskjold Plaza across from the United Nations on Thursday, September 22, at the "alternative" Durban 3 Ring Circus with keynote speakers Professor Alan Dershowitz, filmmaker Ami Horowitz, human rights advocate Charles Jacobs, former Sudanese slave Simon Deng, and Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, and others.
The audience chanted "Shame on the UN," and "Change your Ways," and pointed giant styrofoam fingers toward the UN. Each time Iranian President Ahmadinejad was mentioned, the crowd (wearing clown noses and wigs) booed and held up masks of Ahmadinejad.  He was referred to as the "dangerous clown of the Durban circus." The plaza was a sea of clown wigs, red noses, and masks.
 Professor Alan Dershowitz with StandWithUs CEO, Roz Rothstein
Professor Alan Dershowitz with StandWithUs CEO, Roz Rothstein

"The real irresponsible clowns are in the United Nations building across the street," said Roz Rothstein.  "They are all human rights abusers because they ignore the real suffering around the world like slavery, religious apartheid, and genocide even though they have the opportunity to fix it.  But they don't pay attention. They remain silent.  They are too busy.  Don't bother them.  They are too busy finding new and different ways to condemn Israel." Alan Dershowitz encouraged everyone to seek truth, always speak up, and make sure that their voices are always heard.  "What the UN is doing is shameful.  And we are here today to make sure that it doesn't get a free pass," Dershowitz told the crowd, many of whom were young adults under 30 years old.
Simon Deng, who escaped from slavery, explained why he especially appreciates freedom and why he stands with Israel.  Charles Jacobs, who introduced Deng, called on people everywhere to oppose slavery and other human rights crimes by proudly standing up for the truth and putting pressure on those who ignore real suffering in the world, like the United Nations constantly does. Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who recently released his film about the incompetence of the United Nations, offered ideas about what the audience could do to make a difference. He argued that the United States should stop funding the UN as long as it continues to make a mockery of the founding ideals that led to its formation after World War II.  StandWithUs has been taking Ami Horowitz on tour to college campuses with his film.

Awards were given for the best costumes. Hila Chase who was dressed as a trapeze artist, won first place. There were jugglers, face painters, and performers on stilts who contributed to the carnival atmosphere and underscored the very serious point that UN should be mocked, not respected.
"We know that our message got across, and we will not be silent while the UN continues to abuse our trust and its own ideals. Something is pathologically wrong when an organization dedicated to human rights gives a platform to someone like Ahmadinejad. He is inciting genocide against Jews, denies the Holocaust occurred, tortures and murders his political oppositions, oppresses women, persecutes gays and religious minorities, and is racing to build nuclear weapons. He is the antithesis of what the United Nations is supposed to stand for.  Yet he is invited to speak instead of being arrested for human rights abuses while the UN focuses all its attention on the one Jewish state in the world.  It is time for Americans and others to demand that the UN change its ways. We and all the people who protested here in NYC will not stop protesting until the UN finally adheres to its own founding principles," said Rothstein.

The circus rally was sponsored by StandWithUs, in partnership with AISH Center-NY, Amcha, Americans For a Safe Israel, BridgeHouston, Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy, Eagles Wings, Emunah of America, Fuel for Truth, Genocide Watch, Israel Action Committee of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, The Jewish Federation of Greater Danbury, CT & Putnam County, NY, The New York Region of Hadassah, Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council (NEQJCC), UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran), UJA Federation of Greenwich, Z Street and the Zionist Organization of America.

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