The History of Israel, Zionism, and the Conflicts


1. From Ancient to Modern

Monday 8th November – 7pm

To understand the modern-day conflict, one must understand the history of both Jewish and Arab connection to the land. Diving deep into Jewish history, this session will cover Jewish indigeneity and historic presence in the land, both the Babylonian and Roman exiles, and the roots of Zionism. We will also trace rule of Judea/Palestine post-exile, which will bring us to Islamic conquest and the beginning of Arab/Muslim connection to the land.

2. Zionism and Jewish Statehood

Monday 15th November – 7pm
As we enter modern times, the territory rests in the hands of the Ottoman Empire, and we start to see the rise of nationalism in Europe. With that as our backdrop, here we will uncover the evolution of the Jewish national movement, discuss key Zionist figures, and their efforts to gain support for a Jewish State. Lastly, we will examine the impact of WWI, the Mandate period, attempts at partition, and resulting statehood.

3. The Rise and Decline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Monday 22nd November – 7pm
The War of Independence in 1948 will result in a Jewish State, and an aftermath of both new territorial boundaries and refugees. We also see ongoing Arab-rejectionism, which eventually will lead to both the Six Day and the Yom Kippur Wars. We will discuss all these issues and wrap up this session by discussing Israel’s peace treaties and warming relations with the Arab world today.

4. The Evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Monday 29th November – 7pm
From the aftermath of the nakba (the Catastrophe) in 1948, a new distinct people will emerge: the Palestinians. In this session we will dive deep into the evolution of the Palestinian National identity and movement, their terror actions taken against the state, and the numerous attempts Israel had made in the last 30 years to negotiate a peaceful settlement with their leaders.


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