The Disputed Territories


1. Diving Deeper into the West Bank: History & Legality

Monday 7th March – 7pm

This up-to-date presentation is an introduction to the world of Israel activism and will cover current trends and basic tools needed to tackle the challenges we face. Those challenges include an active global BDS movement, its’ on campus activity, as well as increasing antisemitism manifesting on both the right and left, specifically through the rise of white supremacy and the use of intersectionality, respectively. In addition, we will discuss when criticism of Israel is legitimate and when it becomes antisemitic. To wrap up we will learn how to tell Israel’s compelling story and lay the foundation for effective dialogue.

2. Diving Deeper into the West Bank: Settlements & Current Policy

Monday 14th March – 7pm

Understanding antisemitism and how it has manifested throughout history is no easy task. In this presentation we will explore the current definition of antisemitism, how it has been expressed historically, and how is presents itself today. Specifically discussing the way in which anti-Zionism can be a form of antisemitism, and how scapegoating has been a core feature of this hatred from time immemorial.

3. Understanding the Gaza Strip: History and Hamas’ War Against Israel

Monday 21st March – 7pm

With Gil Troy. More information to come.  

4. The Complexity of Eastern Jerusalem

Monday 28th March – 7pm

This practical presentation discusses core concepts and misconceptions regarding Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people, and provides the audience with the tools needed to explain these topics to those less informed. Moreover, we will also tackle the core claims made against Israel’s right to exist, providing the necessary knowledge and skills to challenge those arguments, and ultimately show how these expressions of Anti-Zionism are in fact antisemitism.


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