Becoming a Campus Activist

1. Israel Activism on UK Campuses

Monday 25th April – 7pm

Universities in the UK are becoming a hotbed for antisemitic activity, which is often disguised as anti-Zionism and defended as a legitimate political stance. This session will provide the tools needed to tackle this challenge by first developing an understanding of the IHRA definition of antisemitism and how it can be employed on campus. We will then outline how to handle problematic organizations, as well as identify and build relationships with allies on campus. After this session one should feel more knowledgeable and prepared to be an Israel activist at university.

2. Effective Dialogue: How to Answer Questions and Discuss Israel

Monday 9th May – 7pm

In today’s world conversations on political issues have become more and more polarizing; this is even more true when discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The purpose of this session is to provide the audience with the tools needed to create productive and effective dialogue surrounding this issue. Participants will be taught a strategy and given methods aiding them in this endeavour, hopefully making them more confident in their abilities to talk about Israel and the Palestinians.

3. The Power of your Voice on Social Media

Monday 16th May – 7pm

In a digital world that often incites the rise in antisemitism, social media has become the most effective tool being used on the front lines of Israel activism. This presentation will introduce you to the world of social media and how it has impacted the world. Together we will explore a variety of practices for each platform, the importance of ‘your’ voice and focus on effective methods for organic content creation.

4. Grill the Expert: Answers to the Toughest Questions about Israel

Monday 23rd May – 7pm