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Building Bridges Through Conversation, Education, and Lemonade

StandWithUs High School Department intern Josh Glickman saw a problem in his school. He realized that there was not much information about Israel among the student body. And what information there was was often inaccurate and even antisemitic. Josh decided to take action, and StandWithUs was there to support his efforts. With the help of Maria Ntourlia, his StandWithUs intern coordinator, Josh brought the StandWithUs Lemonade Stand to New Rochelle High School.


On April 25, 3,500 students were invited to engage with Josh and Maria at the lemonade stand set up in the school’s cafeteria. Each glass of lemonade provided a relaxed opportunity to discuss Israel. Josh highlighted the history of Israel and the Jewish people. The saying goes, “Make lemons into lemonade,” and Josh expressed that’s exactly what the Jews have been doing for millennia.


The StandWithUs Lemonade Stand event was a huge success with an undeniable impact: 3,500 students who knew little or nothing about Israel had the chance to learn, connect, challenge narratives, and be kids together, drinking lemonade in the spirit of peace and communication. Thank you, Josh!


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