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1 Million Views on StandWithUs Connect!

Since the pandemic began, StandWithUs has broadcast 30 live shows with a total of ONE MILLION views!

Shows included an in-depth discussion with Rabbi Sacks, former Member of Knesset Einat Wilf on Refugees, Rachel Wahba in conversation with StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein on how her family was kicked out of Egypt and became stateless, our StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Panel discussing combatting antisemitism using the law, a wide-ranging discussion with Ambassador Mark Regev, Arab-Israel Zionist Yoseph Haddad on why he fights for Israel, live Krav Maga demonstrations, a talk with Joshua Washington on Zionism and Civil Rights, Hussein Aboubakr on freeing himself from indoctrination, updates from senior IDF officials, StandWithUs’s Mina Rush on educating about Israel in 2020 and SO much more.

We have also broadcast shows in Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese!

Catch up with ALL the content


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