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Advertisement in New Jersey Newspaper Thanking SWU and Others for Supporting HR 246

This ad was placed in "Town Topics," Princeton, New Jersey's weekly community newspaper on September 4, 2019.


We, the undersigned, thank and applaud

the following organizations for their endorsement of House Resolution 246, a congressional resolution passed by the United States House of Representatives opposing the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement which targets Israel and which seeks to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist.

The Jewish Federation of Princeton Mercer Bucks The American Israel Public Affairs Committee American Jewish Committee Anti-Defamation League Stand With Us

Hindu-Jewish Coalition Adath Israel Congregation Congregation Beth Chaim Beth El Synagogue Congregation B’nai Tikvah Congregation Brothers of Israel The Princeton Chabad Center Har Sinai Temple The Jewish Center

This important resolution passed with overwhelming bipartisan Congressional support in a vote of 398-17 and complements the resolution by governors from all 50 states against BDS.

The founder of the Global BDS Movement has denied the right of the Jewish People in their homeland, saying, “We oppose a Jewish State in any part of Palestine.”

We must call out BDS for what it is: a movement dedicated to destroying the Jewish State — the lone democracy in the Middle East and America’s strongest ally in the region.

It is important to note that House Resolution 246 affirms the constitutional right of all United States citizens to free speech, including the right to protest or criticize the policies of the United States or the State of Israel.

We urge the greater Princeton community to stand united in its continued fight against anti-Semitism and against the BDS movement and to oppose efforts to delegitimize the right of the State of Israel to exist.

The Ackerman Family • Fran and Assaf Amir • Jeffrey T. Apter MD • Cathy and Brad Bailey • Alexandra and Barak Bar-Cohen • Johanna Baum • Paget and Laurence Berger • Nicole and Jeffrey Bergman • Douglas and Rachelle Berkman • Barbara and Sheldon Berkman • Ken and Barrie Berlin • Carrie and Michael Bernstein • Laurie and Dan Bershad • The Bellows Family • Stacey and Todd Bialow • Jennifer and Jeremy Black • Shari and Haim Blecher • Allon and Allison Bloch • The Ginovker and Bleyman Family • The Borsack Family • The Braunstein Family • Beth and Murray Brenman • Daniel F. Brent • Randy and Debbie Brett • The Brito Family • Marsha and Mark Chazin • Elena Cherkes • Denise Ravkin Cheskis • Dr. Jill and Mr. Brian Chevlin • Stephanie Chorney • Marcie and Marc Citron • Samuel A. Cohen • The Coleman Family • Eve Coulson • Mike Cruickshank • Ruth and Rob Davidson • Mark and Mimi Deitch • Jess and Ted Deutsch • Lucia and Ari Dlugacz • Jeff and Deborah Dorman • Henry A. Echeverría • Barry and Ruthie Edelman • Denise and Craig Feder • Scott and Jayme Feldman • Lori and Michael Feldstein • Steve Felton • Shannon Hartley and Glenn Fitzgerald • Donna and David Gabai • The Gaynor Family • Randi and Rob Gelbard • Dvora and Dominic Gennello • Ilene and Jonathan Gershen • Kevin Gilday • Jodi Jaffe and Andy Glenn • Dafna Kendal and Frank Godfrey • Dr. Ken and Ellen Goldblatt • Drs. Naomi Vilko and Sidney Goldfarb • Mark Goldfus • The Goldman Family • David Greenberg • Terese Svensson and Jeff Greenberg • Linda and Michael Grenis • Debbie and Jeff Gross • Susan and Jonathan Gross • Lori Weir and Brig Henderson • Daniel and Laurie Herscovici. • Beth and Ed Hirschman • Carol and Herb Horowitz • Jackie Orr and Robert Horowitz • Steve Hudis • Randy and Steve Hubert • Lisa and Bret Jacknow • Lauren and Eric Jaffe • Paula Joffe • Emily and Seth Josephson • Paul Josephson • Dr. Suzanne Kabis • Edye and David Kamenir • Susan and Larry Kanter • Julia Kantor • Gail Kaplan • Nicole Soffin and Adam Kaufman • Lorne Keller • Nina Keller • Cyndi and Ric Kleinbart • Sonia Kobrin • Dr. Randy and Miki Krakauer • Alan Kurfirst • The Kushner Family • The Kutin Family • The Lasevich-Gano Family • Nira and Moshe Lavid • Joseph and Risa Lemkin • Gila and Gadi Levin • Joan Levin • Riva and Howie Levy • Larry and Lisa Lieberman • Stuart Lieberman • Roxanne and Jim List • Pesi Loth • Barbara Majeski • Neal and Carli Masia • Kim and Jason Marks • Lee Maschler • Erik Maschler • Harriet Kass and Alan Medvin • The Meir Family • Deb and Lew Meixler • Mark Merkovitz • Sherry and Gerard Meyer • Livia and Joseph Mezrich • Rita and Leonard Millner • Carol and Andrew Milstein • Georgeanne and Peter Moss • Connie Mercer Myers • Allison and David Nagelberg • The Nathan Family • Liz Nayden • Jody Nestel • Naomi Richman Neumann and Jerry Neumann • Audrey Abramowitz and David Newton • Edna Bryn and Shai Noiman • The Nuland Family • The O’Brien Family • Nelson Obus • Karen L. Ohringer • Mara Olmstead • Arlene and Henry Opatut • Lauren Pechter • Naomi and Barry Perlman • Kim Pimley • The Posner Family • Mary and Jake Pleeter • Richard and Donna Porwancher • Jon and Becky Prenner • Ellen and George Pristach • Debbie Orel and Craig Provorny • Rabbi Benjamin J. Adler • Rabbi Brian Beal • Rabbi Dovid Dubov • Rabbi Adam Feldman • Rabbi Howard and Joan Hersch • Rabbi Jay and Leslie Kornsgold • Rabbi Isaac Leizerowski • Rabbi Matthew S. and Heather R. Nover • Rabbi Dov Peretz and Maxine Elkins • Rabbi Stuart Pollack • Rabbi Adrienne Rubin • Rabbi Eitan and Gitty Webb • Rabbi Robert L. Wolkoff and Ruth-Ann Breitler • Julie Ramirez • Raghu Rao • Robert and Debra Rathauser • Dalya and Henry Redel • Wendy and Simon Richmond • The Mintz / Richter Family • Abigail Rose • Amanda Rose • The Rosenthale Family • Barry and Terri Rossman • Jill and Gary Rothstein • The Rubin Family • Beverly Rubman • Mia and Jeff Sacks • Lana and Elliot Sambol • Rebecca and Joshua Sarett • Michal and Adam Scheer • Heidi Glickstein Shegoski • Pat and Ray Schlaefer • The Schnitzer Family • Annemarie and Eduardo Schur • Barbara and Joe Schwartz • Corrine O’Hara and Joel Schwartz • Robert and Carol Schwartz • The Seiden Family • Ido and Ifat Shatzky • Dina and Michael Shaw • Ruth Harris and Jonathan Shavel • Marcie and Douglas Shavel • Simone and Howard W. Silbersher • Andrea and David Silverstein • Victor and Perrisue Silverstein • Lori and Ed Simon • Rachelle Simon • Nadine and Scott Singer • Michael Sinkevich • Lisa and Andy Smukler • Dr. Henry Nagelberg and Joanne Snow • Drs. 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