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Antisemitic incidents surged globally since Oct. 7 but most aren’t reported. Here’s why

Up to 79% of antisemitic harassment is never divulged, according to experts who weigh in on ‘obstacles’ that deter Jewish victims – especially youth – from speaking out

The Times of Israel

Matt Lebovic

November 21, 2023

John Michael Graves. (Courtesy)

NEW YORK — John Michael Graves, 25, was walking out of his Moishe House residence in Seattle when he spotted half a dozen antisemitic flyers “plastered” onto poles near the unmarked building’s gate.

“I ripped them down. It’s not clear how they even knew it was a Moishe House,” said Graves, referring to a cooperative group home for Jewish young adults. The flyers read “F–k You Israel” with crossed-out Jewish stars and were affixed onto street poles during the afternoon of October 24.

“It really hit me in the gut,” Graves told The Times of Israel. But he and his fellow residents did not report the incident to the Moishe House movement, which says it reaches 70,000 Jews in 27 countries, including six locations in Israel.

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