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George Washington University Responds to Discrimination Allegations

By Allison Hageman | NBC Washington | January 14, 2023

George Washington University responded Friday to allegations of discrimination against students in a campus course.

A complaint was filed by StandWithUs, an Israel education organization, which claims a professor in the psychology program targeted Jewish and Israeli students in the program’s diversity course. The Title VI complaint was filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights on Thursday.

The group also claims the professor retaliated against students who were outspoken about their alleged treatment.

Carly Gammill, a StandWithUs director, said the following statement in a release:

“The hostile environment at the George Washington Professional Psychology Program and the failure of the administration to act to correct it are unacceptable. Too often, when Jewish students raise concerns about antisemitism, they are subjected to gaslighting or false claims meant to cause self-doubt and deflect the bigotry at play.”

In a letter to the community, university president Mark S. Wrighton said a third party will conduct an investigation.

“As such, it is not prudent at this time to comment on specific allegations. However, I want to be clear that we reaffirm that the George Washington University strongly condemns antisemitism and hatred, discrimination, and bias in all forms. We remain committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where all feel safe and free of harassment, hostility or marginalization,” the statement reads.

The students involved in the claim were not named.


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