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How Anti-BDS Laws Went Viral

The Forward

Aiden Pink

February 4, 2019

Office Of The Texas Governor, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an anti-BDS law banning state entities from contracting with countries that boycott Israel.

Two of the most influential people in the country when it comes to American policies toward Israel are a Mormon state representative in South Carolina who used to be an Eagle Scout and a Jewish law professor in Virginia who used to study pirates. You likely haven’t heard of Alan Clemmons or Eugene Kontorovich, but around three-quarters of Americans live in states with laws written or inspired by them — laws that aim to protect Israel from the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Versions of their bill, which bans state entities from investing or contracting in companies that participate in BDS, have been passed by 25 other states since Clemmons shepherded it into law in his state in 2015.

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