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How I Realized Education is the Path to Peace (Part 2)

Times of Israel

Sydney Siegel

I am fortunate that I have not personally experienced much Antisemitism, despite some incidents. In Psychology class this year, a classmate was telling “Jew” jokes. I heard similar jokes in the past, but that was prior to my visit to Israel and long before I became involved with StandWithUs as the 2018-2019 High School Intern at my public school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Until then, I never knew how to react to these kinds of jokes; I just knew I did not like them. This one, in particular, is quite popular. “What is the difference between a Jew and Harry Potter?” “Harry Potter made it out of the chamber.” I was disgusted. However, because I was trained by StandWithUs, I was prepared to react.

Sydney is the 2018-2019 StandWithUs High School "Intern of the Year" for the Southeast region. She is passionate, motivated, and excited to continue sharing her love of Israel with others in university and beyond.

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