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How Israelis have mastered the art of resilience to thrive against all odds

Times of Israel

November 17, 2020

This week on The Times of Israel Podcast we’ll hear a Behind the Headlines video interview that was conducted for The Times of Israel Community with Michael Dickson and Dr. Naomi Baum, the authors of “Isresilience: What Israelis Can Teach the World.”

The book takes readers on a journey across Israel to profile 14 Israelis who have overcome extreme odds, and continued to “bounce forward” in their lives.

Dickson is the head of StandWithUs Israel and Baum is an internationally known expert in the field of overcoming trauma. They built a model for the keys to resilience: empathy, flexibility, and meaning-making.

We will talk about these keys during our conversation, as well as focus on four truly remarkable individuals.

Image: Dr. Naomi L. Baum (left) and Michael Dickson, co-authors of 'Isresilience.' (courtesy)

Listen to the podcast here.


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