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Islamophobia Statement

StandWithUs UK strongly opposes Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism. We are proud that our student leaders, staff, and speakers come from a diversity of backgrounds and opinions. They include Muslims and Arabs who unite with their peers to counter antisemitism and the misinformation that all too often clouds discussions related to Israel and the Middle East. We are a platform for tolerance, cooperation and coexistence. Via our “Peace Week” we promote voices who bring people together. Our campus activities and other aspects of our work encourage open conversation and engagement, with deep respect for all faiths.

We draw a distinction between the peaceful majority of Muslims and a minority of radical Islamist extremists who hate the West, Israel, women's freedoms, LGBTQ people, and other Muslims. In recent weeks alone, such extremists killed 11 Egyptian soldiers and 19 people in Israel, and forced Afghan women to cover their faces. We make no apology for condemning the violence and oppression of groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. We support the Abraham Accords and all efforts to promote a more peaceful future in the Middle East, as well as mutual respect and understanding between Jews and Muslims worldwide.

We welcome constructive feedback about our programs and educational materials, to ensure they meet the above standards. We regularly review our work to make sure it is appropriate, up to date, and factually accurate, and will continue to do so.

That said, efforts to intimidate, bully, and smear StandWithUs UK will fail. We will proudly continue to support anyone who wants to educate about Israel and fight antisemitism in their community.


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