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Jewish nonprofit AJC puts ‘significant investment’ in new Arabic media platforms

The Times of Israel

Amanda Borschel-Dan

January 30, 2020

The 114-year-old American Jewish Committee launched a new series of brief Arabic-language video explainers about Jews and Judaism on Thursday, along with new Arabic language social media platforms. The launch comes on the heels of increased Jewish-Muslim outreach efforts, including a high-profile, unprecedented AJC-organized visit to former Nazi death camp Auschwitz by Muslim World League head Mohammed al-Issa and a group of Islamic clerics.

“This new initiative offers us an unprecedented opportunity to reach those in the Arab world who may never have a chance to meet a Jew, including the many millions of young people who may be curious to hear a Jewish perspective on the subjects they encounter on social media,” said AJC CEO David Harris in a statement.

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