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Kylie Jenner Deletes Pro-Israel Instagram Story

Yahoo News

Mike Roe

October 8, 2023

Following attacks by Hamas on Israel, Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram story on Saturday where she shared an image of Israel’s flag with the text, “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!” She has since deleted the post after she received largely negative feedback on social media.

Screenshots shared by users on X show a screenshot that appears to be from Jenner’s stories showing an image reshared from the account for nonprofit organization StandWithUs. The organization states that it supports Israel and opposes antisemitism. Video that appeared to be of comments on Jenner’s post showed numerous users replying that they supported a free Palestine.

While the Instagram Story is no longer there, commenters are also posting about her Israel post on her most recent Instagram grid post, shared four days ago. One commenter wrote, “Dont get involved in politics and say that u support i**ael. P@lestine been suffering for ages.” Many others posted Palestinian flags, while others called for Jenner’s 400 million followers to unfollow her.

This is the post first shared by the @StandWithUs account:

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