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Like We Have Never Seen Before in Our Lifetime

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

JAN 10, 2020

By Dr. Eric Lankin

Photo from the antisemitic attack in Monsey, Hanukkah 2019

Many of us are terribly distressed by the targeting of Jews in an epidemic of antisemitic incidents world-wide. To witness the United States, the land where I was born and in whose military I served,  experiencing public attacks on Jewish individuals and institutions, almost daily, is scary and deeply troubling.

One hundred years ago, my grandparents escaped from antisemitism in the Baltics, Belarus, and Russia to the United States to start a new life. My wife Jeannie’s parents escaped the Nazi horror in Germany and Austria and fled to the United States in the late 30’s. Her ancestors were listed by name with other Jews that were expelled twice from Prague in 1542 and 1561. 

Dr. Eric Lankin is Vice President-Development of StandWithUs and an Adjunct Professor at Hebrew University. Before his family made aliya 2 ½ years ago from the United States, he served for 14 years as a congregational Rabbi and most recently, for eighteen years as Jewish communal professional leader. 


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