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Living For San Diego & Pittsburgh: Reflection & Unwavering Action

Times of Israel

Justin Feldman


I am sickened. I am sickened that the progression of violent anti-Semitism worldwide is ignored, legitimized, swept under the rug, even praised. That only when the atrocious murder of Jews in the United States in 2018 and 2019 occurs by white supremacists, do some people challenge for a second that racist power structures impact Jewish lives today in our societies as well, as a tangible, pervasive, and visible issue.

The 11 innocent Jewish lives that were stolen from us on an October Shabbat in Pittsburgh and the mutually inspired gun-attack, taking yet another life, recently in San Diego have proven much a trial, bidding us Jewish Americans to change the way we repeat our mourning. Those whose lives were stolen and the many scarred by one of the oldest and most irrational, but also one of the most compelling hatreds, was enacted by both the influence of a much longer line of bigotry. Even as record tragedy, such tragedy is not unique. When Jews are shouted down and assaulted in New York streets, burned alive in homes in Paris, harassed and beaten by synagogues of London, as in communities of Marrakesh and Tehran, Caracas and Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and Hebron, there is no workable denial of the ongoing suffering and isolation experienced by Jews everywhere just following similar events that led to our systematic genocide not many generations ago.

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