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Anti-Israel protesters choose to be loud instead of right.

Congressman Shri Thanedar (D-MI) has been under attack by anti-Israel protesters because he refuses to dismiss Hamas’ atrocities against Israeli civilians on October 7, because he calls for the release of Israeli hostages, and because he will not equivocate on Israel’s right to self-defense in light of Hamas’ threat to repeat their carnage. Anti-Israel protesters, who cannot make a moral case in support of the terror-designated group Hamas, chose to be loud instead of right. The agitators descended on his home at 3 a.m. Sunday to harass him, his family, and his entire neighborhood.

StandWithUs is outraged at the abuse of a public leader and his family merely because he will not succumb to the mob narrative of elevating the murderers of October 7 to hero status and dismissing the 1,400 innocent Israeli victims, some of whom were burned alive, torture, beheaded, and kidnapped, and many of whom are still captives of Hamas in Gaza.  

Many at StandWithUs were privileged to meet Rep. Thanedar, who joined us to honor his good friend Dr. Barat Barai at the StandWithUs Midwest Gala. He is a genuine friend and a tested leader. StandWithUs commends Rep. Thanedar for his courage and wisdom, and we encourage all to read his position on Israel (below) and join us in sharing our gratitude with our friend and statesman. We echo his desire that “the conflict ends soon with the removal of Hamas, and we are able to move forward to a place of stable coexistence.”

Please read his Israel position statement below and offer him your gratitude and support!

Roz Rothstein

StandWithUs CEO


Congressman Shri Thanedar's Statement on Israel

In the complex landscape of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the recently announced temporary pause offers a glimmer of hope. The release of 50 women and children, kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas, was orchestrated through the collaborative efforts of the United States and our allies, and is a positive development.

The abduction of innocent civilians on October 7 was a part of Hamas’s sustained terror campaign, and while the liberation of these hostages is an important step, the broader mission to destroy Hamas and ensure the safe return of all captives remains.

Our steadfast support for Israel requires us to provide the resources necessary to achieve its objectives.  To this end, security funding from the United States to Israel should not be contingent on specific conditions. Our unwavering commitment to Israel's security is grounded in shared values and a longstanding partnership. While we work for peace, we must ensure that our ally is always able to defend itself against external threats.

It is also important to understand that this hiatus is temporary. It is not an abandonment of Israel's right to safeguard its borders and citizens. As we work toward the resolution of this conflict, we must do so with the understanding that Israel's right to defend itself is absolute, and any lasting solution must respect this fundamental principle. This approach ensures not only the short-term security of the region but also lays the groundwork for a sustainable and just peace in the long run.

The path to peace remains challenging, but this temporary cessation of hostilities represents possibility and hope. It is my sincere desire that the conflict ends soon with the removal of Hamas, and we are able to move forward to a place of stable coexistence. 


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