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Model UN delegates learn how to engage with international counterparts about Israel

StandWithUs Israel hosted delegates from the prestigious Model UN program for session on how to encourage dialogue about Israel

Director of Operations Ilana Sherrington-Hoffman presented with a Certificate of Appreciation

StandWithUs Israel hosted a group of Israeli Model UN in the Education Center in Jerusalem for an empowering session on how to encourage effective dialogue about Israel. The Model UN prestigious program is known as an educational simulation of the UN and its committees for students to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and current world issues. Part of this program includes attending international conferences, where they compete as well as socialize with delegates from around the world. The StandWithUs workshop, run by Director of Operations Ilana Sherrington-Hoffman, provided them with tools on how to build bridges with their fellow delegates from around the world and to deal with tough questions regarding Israel and the conflict.


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