Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The Jerusalem Post

August 19, 2019

Nearly two-thirds of hate crimes in NYC this year have been antisemitic hate crimes.

Hate Stops Here - WZO holds international day of protests against antisemitism.

“Speak out against antisemitism and blind hate in New York and all over the world,” is the message of a new short film by the pro-Israel NGO StandWithUs.

Published on the organization’s Facebook page, the video reports an 82% increase in antisemitic hate crimes in the New York City, according to New York Police.

“Jews are being attacked on the streets of New York City,” the video reads. “Antisemitic attacks are being reported frequently. From antisemitic graffiti found in New York parks to a Jewish man being punched and attacked in Williamsburg.”

Nearly two-thirds of hate crimes in NYC this year have been antisemitic hate crimes, according to the film, and in certain cities that have become “commonplace.”

“Two Jewish men were attacked with pepper spray in Crown Heights,” the video says.

“Jewish children were bullied at a Brownsville charter school.” It also shows a clip of a Jewish man who was violently assaulted in Brooklyn.

The message, as per the video description: “Blind hatred must be stopped.”

Watch the film:

Read the full article HERE.


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