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Ohio State ‘grossly failed to protect Jewish and Israeli students’

The Israel-education organization sent a letter to the school’s leadership demanding greater action against campus antisemitism.

By: JNS | January 18, 2024

In a letter from StandWithUs to Walter Carter Jr., president of The Ohio State University (OSU), the activist group called for a more proactive approach to defending Jewish students.

“Since October 7th, antisemitism on and around OSU’s campus has run the gamut from antisemitic verbal taunts and threats directed at individual OSU Jewish students; antisemitic and threatening graffiti in classrooms and other university facilities; removal of posters and photos of kidnapped Israelis; and in some cases, outright physical assault of Jewish students,” wrote SWU CEO Roz Rothstein, legal department director Yael Lerman and Carly Gammill, who directs the group’s Center for Combating Antisemitism.

The 16-page letter includes a four-page appendix presenting visual evidence of antisemitic protests and displays at OSU. One photo shows “from the river to the sea” graffitied on a wall; another act of vandalism writes “ZOG is committing genocide,” utilizing the neo-Nazi acronym for “Zionist-occupied government.”

An online ad features a Star of David made out of chains and photos of a protest showing students lying in fake blood amid signs accusing Israel of murdering children. Images also show “murdered by Israel” posters done with dripping blood, parodying the style of posters of Hamas kidnap victims.

The Hamas terrorist organization is still holding captive 136 men, women and children in the Gaza Strip.

SWU called on OSU to take steps such as communicating to students the unlawfulness of antisemitic activity; implementing more enforcement of campus rules; following state and federal laws; increasing security measures to protect Jewish students; and providing training for staff to better assist Jewish students who are experiencing harassment.


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