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Pol calls for DOH to suspend alleged anti-Semitic hospital resident

New York Post

Bernadette Hogan and Priscilla DeGregory

September 25, 2020

A Brooklyn state assemblyman is demanding that the state Health Department take immediate action against a hospital resident for allegedly making anti-Semitic statements on social media.

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein (D-Brooklyn) wants the DOH to suspend resident Dr. Walid Khass from New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital for allegedly tweeting nearly 60 anti-Semitic messages, said a letter the politician sent to state officials.

Eichenstein’s letter highlighted three of Khass’ Twitter messages spanning from 2012 to 2017 in which he allegedly wrote, “Spit on you, Jew dogs!,” “Go beat up a Zionist” and “Join Hamas. You don’t gotta tell me twice.”

“At least fifty seven of Dr. Khass’ tweets have been documented as calling for violence, spreading anti-Semitism, supporting terror, and calling for the destruction of Israel,” Eichenstein wrote. “Clearly, Dr. Khass’ decision making ability is compromised and does not live up to the high standards of his noble profession.”

The hospital has been wrapped up in a court battle in an attempt to fire Khass since last year. But a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge in February ruled that the hospital should honor its commitment to provide medical training to Khass.

The hospital is awaiting its appeal of that decision.

“I am deeply disturbed by the NYS Supreme Court’s decision to restore the residency of Dr. Walid Khass — a virulent anti-Semite whose disturbing history of anti-Semitic posts on social media undermines medical ethics and basic moral standards,” Eichenstein said.

“I believe his conduct renders him unfit and even dangerous to treat a significant portion of patients, many of which are my constituents, at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital,” the letter continued.

Eichentstein told The Post that the DOH “should step in. They could suspend him now instead of waiting on the court.”

StandWithUs, a nonprofit dedicated to Israel education, wrote a similar letter to the DOH on Sept. 17 demanding that the department investigate Khass for his alleged speech.

“Such hatred poses serious ethical violations, puts the lives of Jewish and Israeli patients in jeopardy, and has no place in the medical profession,” the organization said in the letter.

The hospital said in a statement, “Pursuant to court order, Dr. Walid Khass joined NYP Brooklyn Methodist as a first-year resident. As the matter is in litigation, it would be inappropriate for us to discuss it further.

“Every member of the NYP team is expected to provide the highest level of care regardless of a patient’s race, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, parental status, or any other individual characteristic,” the statement said.

It was unknown if the DOH is investigating or plans to investigate Khass, as the department can’t say whether investigations exist until charges have been mounted.

“There is no place in our society for racism or bigotry of any kind, and we deplore the type of despicable conduct described in Assemblyman Eichenstein’s letter,” DOH spokesman Jonah Bruno said. “The Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) aggressively investigates any physician who may have committed misconduct, and the Board for Professional Medical Conduct takes swift action when warranted, including suspending and revoking licenses and referring cases to law enforcement.”

Khass’ civil lawyer declined to comment.

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