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Senator Paul Boyer led the Arizona Legislature in passage of anti-boycott legislation

(Phoenix, AZ -- April 10, 2019) Senator Paul Boyer led the Arizona Legislature in passage of anti-boycott legislation.  The bill (SB1167), which passed both houses with a significant bipartisan majority, clarifies Arizona's original anti-boycott law by removing its application to sole proprietorships and individual consumer conduct. The bill, which Governor Doug Ducey has promised to sign, updates the law to apply only to contracts over $100,000 and to companies with least ten employees.  

In passage of the bill, the legislature has addressed and settled the 1st Amendment issues raised by the ACLU. With a clear understanding that the law does not prevent anti-Semitic or anti-Israel expressive thought or compel persons to do business with Israel, we trust that the suit brought by the ACLU will be quickly dismissed. 

Passage of SB1167 protects Arizona's anti-discrimination policy, its economy, and its trade relations with Israel.


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