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StandWithUs Letter to Yale University - December 2023

StandWithUs sent a legal letter to Yale University on December 19, 2023 about a series of discriminatory and antisemitic statements posted by Zareena Grewal, Associate Professor of American Studies, Ethnicity, Race, & Migration, and Religious Studies at Yale University. These posts on her public X (Twitter) and Facebook accounts promote violence and display an alarming hatred for Jews, Israelis and Zionists. StandWithUs writes “To safeguard Jewish and Israeli students from a professor who appears simultaneously to teach and grade Jewish and Israeli students while promoting antisemitic attacks against Israeli civilians and calling for the elimination of the Jewish homeland, we urge you to investigate this matter fully, remove Professor Grewal from the classroom pending the outcome of the investigation, and, if any violations of university values or policy are found, to impose immediate consequences.”


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