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'StandWithUs' on the Digital Front: Updating Millions of People on the Emergency in Israel

Jerusalem, November 13th, 2019

While the people of Israel woke up yesterday morning to a massive rocket attack to south and central Israel, StandWithUs was among the first organizations in the world to deliver constant updates about the security escalation. Millions of people – from Costa Rica to Hong Kong – read StandWithUs posts in different languages through a variety of Social Media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp.

About 3,000 people joined 12 different WhatsApp groups, operated by StandWithUs Digital team, and got all information about the security situation, since 6 am. Thousands of people who follow StandWithUs international social media channels shared dozens of posts and helped spreading the truth, in 5 continents in 5 different languages: Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, English, and Hebrew.

Most of the Media outlets in the follower's respective countries do not report about the security escalation, and many of them cover partial and even distorted information. Following the initiative of StandWithUs to distribute updates 24/7, mainly through WhatsApp, many followers from different countries sent the organization support messages. Many of them, have family in Israel and thanks to StandWithUs initiative, they can stay updated about the situation in Israel at all times.

A follower from Holland wrote them on a private message to the digital team: "I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for setting up the group chat. For someone living in Amsterdam with family is Modi'in it’s a life saver. Thank you". Similarly, another follower from South Africa wrote: "I am from South Africa and all my family lives in Israel. I am a proud Jew and I thank for keeping me updated".

Even from the Far East support messages were sent: "Thank you for setting up that group. My parents live in Israel while I live in Hong Kong. I guess we are all stressed about the other. Being informed via your group reassures me. Really: thank you".

Link to StandWithUs International Facebook page: :

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