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StandWithUs Statement re Hateful Statements from USC Graduate Student Senator

StandWithUs is aware of statements allegedly from a University of Southern California (USC) graduate student senator, including her desire to murder all Zionists. When a USC graduate student senator, whose role is to foster an inclusive campus climate, expresses such dangerous, vulgar hatred, we cannot simply chalk it up to protected speech and say no more. This kind of violent language directed against Jewish people or others who support the State of Israel, would not, and should not, be tolerated if it were to be directed against anyone.

The School of Engineering and Dean Yannis Yortsos have an obligation to publicly condemn such violent, bigoted speech that also advocates physical attacks against other students. Students have a right to feel safe at the schools they attend, and the department has an obligation to maintain a safe environment for all its students. Anti-Jewish bigotry, including anti-Zionist manifestations of antisemitism, must be called out equally with all other forms of hate.


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