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StandWithUs Thanks University of Denver for its Response to Antisemitic Hate Crimes

(Denver, CO -- February 16, 2023) -- StandWithUs is grateful to the University of Denver for a swift and thorough response to the antisemitic hate crimes which targeted three Jewish students February 9-12. The administration has demonstrated a great first step to supporting a safe campus environment for Jewish students by expediting an investigation and promising to hold the perpetrators fully accountable. We also commend the university for offering to educate the school community about antisemitism and for supporting community-wide healing events, such as a Shabbat celebration this week in partnership with Hillel and Chabad.

StandWithUs thanks Chancellor Jeremy Haefner for his unequivocal condemnation of antisemitism and support for the University of Denver's Jewish community. We echo his call to the school's students to stand with the Jewish community as allies when he said, “Let us cling firmly not only to our ideals but also to the knowledge that this moment does not reflect who we are or who we want to be." We look forward to learning the results of the continuing criminal investigation and the rebuilding of trust within the University of Denver community.

In this challenging time of rising antisemitism, it is this type of prompt and unequivocal leadership that reminds Jewish students and community members that they are valued and supported by the university. We hope other university administrations will take note and follow suit should antisemitic incidents arise on their campuses.


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