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StandWithUs UK raises over £600K in support of their students and communities

More than 1,000 donors pledged support for Israel educational charity one week after its London offices were broken into.

By: Michelle Rosenberg | Jewish News | May 3, 2023

Israel education charity StandWithUs UK has raised more than £600k in a 72-hour fundraising campaign.

The support from more than a thousand donors will enable the north London based organisation to continue to advance its mission and commitment to fighting antisemitism and Israel misinformation.

Executive director Isaac Zarfati said: “As a charity that empowers and educates students and communities, this campaign’s success is a powerful affirmation of the value of our work and the trust the public has instilled in us. Most importantly, the campaign’s success is a resounding assertion of the strong ties between the British community and the people of Israel.”

Chair Lana Saffrin Betesh added: “We believe that education is the key to building a better future for all. By providing students with the tools they need to navigate complex issues and promoting dialogue and collaboration, we empower the next generation of leaders”.

As reported by Jewish News, a burning yahrzeit memorial candle was left alongside one of the charity’s campaign t-shirts when the headquarters were broken into on Tuesday 25 April.


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