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Statement on the New Israeli Government

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

With a new Israeli government about to be sworn in, StandWithUs reaffirms our pride and respect for Israeli democracy.

We are a non-partisan education organization. As such, we do not endorse or oppose any Israeli political leadership. However, we do educate about political issues and believe it is important to highlight some important facts.

In Israel, governments can only be formed when different political parties compromise with each other and form a coalition representing a majority of Israel's Knesset (Parliament). There have been four Israeli elections since 2019 because no one was able to form a stable governing coalition.

The new coalition that was announced today is unique in Israeli history. It brings together parties from the left, center, and right, along with crucial support from a religious Arab Muslim party.

No coalition has ever represented the entire Israeli political spectrum, and neither does the new one. However, this attempt at unity across political, ethnic, and religious differences is unprecedented.

Some Israelis believe this government will achieve progress in many important areas. Others question how long it will be able to function with so many internal differences. Still others oppose it entirely.

We respect the many different political perspectives within Israeli society. At the same time, we wish Presumptive Prime Minister Bennett and Alternate Prime Minister Lapid and their government nothing but success for the sake of all Israelis.

We look forward to educating the public further about this government, Israeli politics, and other related issues.


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