Tufts SJP Revokes Impeachment Complaint Against Jewish Student

Jewish Journal

By Aaron Bandler

February 26, 2021

Photo by: HereToHelp / Wikimedia Commons

Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) revoked their impeachment complaint against Jewish student Max Price on February 26.

According to the Louis Brandeis Center for Human Rights, Price was informed about the withdrawn complaint the same day. Price, a member of the Tufts Community Union Judiciary, had been accused of being biased over his involvement with the pro-Israel community. Price had argued that a referendum condemning Israel’s security training program with United States law enforcement was riddled with falsehoods and inaccuracies; since then, Price has alleged that SJP has targeted and harassed him.

“While I am relieved that my Judaism is no longer on trial, this change in course does not absolve SJP of their behavior,” Price said in a statement. “I am disappointed that university administrators failed to intervene, and have not yet reached out to me to address my concerns. Unless Tufts introduces sweeping reforms to combat anti-Semitism, this will happen to somebody else. Now that my position in student government is secure, I look forward to devoting my energy to beating back the rising tides of bigotry and injustice on campus.”

Alyza Lewin, president of the Brandeis Center, also said in a statement, “It is time for the Tufts administration to take concrete steps to end the ongoing marginalization, harassment and discrimination of Jewish students on campus. President [Anthony] Monaco should issue a statement condemning anti-Semitism in all its forms and publicly acknowledge that, for many Tufts students, Zionism is integral to their identity as Jews.”

StandWithUs CEO and co-founder Roz Rothstein said in a statement to the Journal, “We applaud Max Price for standing up to the antisemitism promoted by SJP. Although hate lost today at Tufts, the fact that it was allowed to reach this point is shameful. The Tufts administration must take urgent action to prevent Jewish students from being targeted like this ever again.”

Patrick Collins, Executive Director of Media Relations for Tufts, told the Journal that the complaint had been against the TCUJ as a whole, not against a single student, and that they “take very seriously any concerns raised by students — regardless of their backgrounds and perspectives — of bias, safety, privacy and intimidation, whether by organizations affiliated or unaffiliated with Tufts. We will continue to work closely with our students and university community to foster a productive and safe learning environment for all.” Tufts SJP did not respond to the Journal’s request for comment.

Price’s impeachment hearing had been scheduled for February 28.

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