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 Gala 2020

Due to health concerns, this event has been canceled.  We will post further information shortly.

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Impact: This amount could fund a regional StandWithUs high school department coordinator to mentor, educate and empower StandWithUs high school interns to share Israel's story with their peers and communities. 


Impact:  This amount could fund three StandWithUs High School Teen Leadership Councils with regional teams of students to develop their leadership skills and plan exciting programs for their peers and community.


Impact: This amount could enable StandWithUs to bring CampWithUs, which promotes needed Israel programming as part of staff development to five local summer camps, impacting over 1,000 campers.


Impact: This amount could enable our Israeli educator (shaliach) to introduce Israel to thousands of high school and college students across the Pacific Northwest - many of whom have never met a Jew or Israeli.


Impact: This amount could help StandWithUs fund cutting-edge research, which provides student activists with needed insights, facts, and clarity as they defend Israel on their campuses.


Impact: This amount could provide training and support for one StandWithUs High School Intern to become a pro-Israel activist, creating programs that educate and involve both Jews and non-Jews at his/her respective school.

* At $5,000 and above giving levels, you will receive Herzl Society benefits.


Impact: This amount could fund three students to participate in the StandWithUs Israel in Focus Conference and experience three days of intensive training by internationally renowned experts.


Impact: This amount could transport the StandWithUs Israel Matters display to five campuses to counter “apartheid walls” and misinformation campaigns.


Impact: This amount could help StandWithUs bring a well-renowned educator, inspiring speaker, or program to educate our community members and youth about Israel.


Impact: This amount could help support a smaller community in our region with materials, films, and staff consultation.

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