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StartUp is the new and exciting StandWithUs UK programme for pupils in Year 10. StartUp aims to produce a new generation of ambassadors who will learn to express social, communal, and public activism, inside and outside the community, in the entrepreneurial and creative Israeli spirit. 

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Get to know StartUp

StandWithUs was established in the United States in 2001 during the Second Intifada and since then the organisation has been working to educate about Israel and the fight against antisemitism on 5 continents in 8 different languages – in secondary schools, universities, social networks, around the world and here in Israel!

StartUp was founded in 2022 and aims to offer UK teenagers a chance to develop skills and learn new ones whilst learning about the solutions Israel offers to the world. Startup guides pupils in the UK and Israel to collaborate on producing initiatives to solve dilemmas through a variety of activities in education, and research, based on creative thinking through the message that Israel is a solution.

In the programme, StartUp candidates develop leadership and team building skills, and learn about the innovations coming out of Israel. In the final phases of the programme, the pupils will use what they have learnt to work in teams on a project that aims to solve a dilemma that Israel can provide a solution for.

The success of StartUp last year has allowed us to offer this course to all pupils in Year 10, regardless of what school you attend or your background!

Programme Objectives:

  • Creation of an unmediated communication between pupils from UK and Israel.

  • Raising the sense of competence in teenagers in order to lead change.

  • Familiarity with Israeli ingenuity and creativity as the basis for solving world problems.

  • Strengthening the leadership trait as a way of life, and acquisition of relevant tools and skills.

  • Building a local and international support network to be used as a lever for further cooperation in the future.

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Important things to know:

  • Acceptance to StartUp is subject to an interview.

  • Spaces are limited!

  • StartUp sessions take place on Sundays spread out over a few months between October and February.

  • Each session is 2 hours and is located at the StandWithUs UK office.

  • There will be a closing ceremony in March/April.

  • Once accepting a place onto StartUp, a candidate must commit to attending all sessions.

  • StartUp is free of charge!

Who are we looking for:

  • Pupils from Year 10.

  • Pupils who are committed to the programme and will prioritise StartUp.

  • Pupils who are interested in developing existing skills and learning new ones.

  • Pupils who are passionate about Israel and the future role it has to play in the world.

  • Pupils who want to work in a team and support everyone to play a significant part in a project.

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Applications to StartUp are open!

For any further enquiries, please email

StandWithUs UK is Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England Company No. 08216260. 
Registered Charity No.1151329
Registered Office Landau Morley 325/327 Oldfield North Greenford Middlesex UB6 0FX

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