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Swipe Up Rise Up

Swipe Up Rise Up (SURU) is our one-of-a-kind, social media conference for Sixth Formers, dedicated to combating antisemitism and misinformation about Israel online.

Watch the Swipe Up Rise Up 2024 Promo!

Swipe Up Rise Up Objectives:


To advise young people on how to cope with antisemitism and hate online, particularly social media through showing you how to use StandWithUs tools on social media to fight the online hate.



Provide pupils the opportunity to meet and hear from communal organisations, social media influencers and celebrities.


Having fun with an exciting Expo event.


The inaugural Swipe Up Rise Up event took place in February 2023 at JFS, with over 150 Sixth Form pupils from 3 major Jewish schools taking part in an amazing day of presentations, workshops, an Expo and special guest speakers with a keynote address from Rachel Riley MBE!

Swipe Up Rise Up Future:

Swipe Up Rise Up aims to expand over time and be offered to as many pupils as possible. Support us in inspiring a generation to face hatred against them with confidence, pride and security.

Swipe Up Rise Up will take place in March 2024

SWU Photobooth - Background_edited.jpg

Want to attend Swipe Up Rise Up 2024?

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