Peace Week, designed to combat anti-Israel misinformation, is a movement created by students enrolled in the StandWithUs UK’s Emerson Fellowship. Each year this grassroots campaign takes place in March on campuses all over the UK to promote peace and reconciliation within Israel and between Israel and its neighbours in the region. 

Peace Week 2021 was held virtually, from the 8th to the 12th of March, with students from universities and 6th forms across the UK uniting to foster peace!


The Abraham Accords — A New Age for Peace

Representatives from Israel, UAE and Bahrain discussed the Abraham Accords and the Peace this brings to Israel, its friends and the region.

  • Fleur Hassan Nahoum Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and Co-Founder of UAE-Israel Business Council.

  • Thani Al-Shirawi Vice Chairman and Deputy Group MD of the Al Shirawi Group – Oasis Investments Company.

  • Ahdeya Al Sayed President of the Bahrain Journalists Association and board-member of the Dubai-based Arab Women Federation. Former media and international news advisor and political analyst for the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Ministry of Information.

United for Peace — An Arab-Israeli Perspective

  • Yoseph Haddad an Arab-Israeli and CEO of Together – Vouch for Each Other, an NGO which aims to bridge between the Arab sector of Israeli society with Israeli society as a whole. Yoseph was in conversation with StandWithUs UK Emerson students telling his story, talking about BDS, Israel Apartheid Campaign, his work and the opportunities for peace within Israel.

Sport in the Service of Peace

A prestigious panel of guests, working together to promote peace and coexistence through the powerful medium of Sport. The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, Chelsea Football Club and the Israel Football Association will be discussing their important work and unique joint partnership.


  • Tamar Hay Sagiv Director of the Peace Education Department at the Peres Centre.


  • Rola Brentlin Head of Special Projects at Chelsea Football Club.


  • Ronit Glasman Head of Marketing at the Israel Football Association.

  • Sa’ad Barhum Field Coordinator, Peres Centre.





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