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K-12 Educator Network


Fight bigotry against Jews in public and non-Jewish private schools.


Bring more and better education about Jews, antisemitism, and Israel to students and educators across the country. 


Create a vibrant community of Jews and allies to support each other, share best practices, and improve K-12 education from the ground up.



Welcome to The StandWithUs K-12 Educator Network  

In the aftermath of October 7, we have seen a devastating wave of antisemitism impact too many K-12 schools. In response, StandWithUs has been working tirelessly to fight misinformation, hold perpetrators of hate accountable, provide pro-bono legal services when appropriate, and educate communities with timely resources, presentations, and workshops. We have provided direct support to over 200 U.S. and Canadian high schools, both proactively and to address a flood of requests for assistance regarding antisemitic incidents.  


Now, we are building on those efforts with a growing national network of K-12 educators across the United States. Our plan is to bring together teachers, administrators, school board members, and others who share our values and goals.  


We need a network because we can't fight antisemitism and anti-Israel bias in K-12 spaces without your help! There are almost 140,000 K-12 public and non-Jewish independent schools in the US, and with antisemitism continuing to rise post-October 7, we need educators willing to:


• Help document K-12 antisemitism and anti-Israel bias in school and districts. We have a team of experts: Within StandWithUs is a legal team, research team, Holocaust Education Center, Center for Combatting Antisemitism, network of Rabbis and lay leaders, and more. When we are alerted to anti-Israel or anti-Jewish bigotry, we will act.


• Participate in activism and organizing in  schools, districts, and/or unions, in either leading or supportive roles. We need educators willing to push-back against biased and hate-filled resolutions and events within our nation's teachers unions and breathe life into (or create) Jewish affairs caucuses to represent our community. 


• Share lesson plans and other curriculum resources on relevant topics and identify openings on curriculum committees and other workgroups dealing with Ethnic Studies, Genocide Studies, Holocaust Studies, DEI Initiatives, and other issues. When we hear of these openings, we can look within our network to find volunteers willing to serve. 


• Recruit more members to join our educator network - the bigger we are, the stronger we are, and the more places we can affect.

When you join our network, we'll ask for your name, your email address, your city, state, and school district, and your role in K-12 Education. You'll receive our newsletter, as well as other opportunities to further your education, learn activism skills, and fight antisemitism in your community.  

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